Net Authority-Over-active Religious Zealots

Ok folks, I signed on for one specific reason. It’s has to deal with a site called Net Authority.

This link shows what they say about The Straight Dope. The slander that goes on here is absolutely hateful and woefully ignorant.

I wanted to let everyone know about this site and what they put on there what they deem unsuitable. My Little Pony, Carebears, Harry Potter, etc.

I really do hope that a staffer looks into this.

I don’t see anything there that’s actually untrue - this site does contain hateful material, blasphemy and offensive political material - because those things are permitted here - to some extent at least.

So the nasty (self-styled) ‘net authority’ man doesn’t like us. Why is it a problem?

I did just read their (laughable) ‘Internet Acceptable Use Policy’ though, and part of it is quite surprising:

:eek: - that’s tantamount to describing some races (I wonder which ones) as ‘beasts’.

Eh. Why should we care about this?

I’m almost tempted to put one of their ‘violator’ badges on my site, even though it doesn’t happen to violate any part of their policy. They’re so far up their own arses, it’s hardly surprising they think everything smells a bit.

I blame Hal Briston and his sheep.

Hrummp! Beastiality indeed. He was just helping the poor lamb over the fence.

Visit the Dope, where men are men and sheep are nervous. It’s a baaaaa…d place.

As long as it wasn’t a black sheep, because, you know, God’s got a thing about colour.

Cute. Violating a policy they wrote… :dubious:

Too bad this isn’t The Pit, or I’d violate it myself.

The Now Show had a skit on these wankers. Try this link (mp3)

That puts the Dope in the same boat as Classic Kennels. Apparently, taking care of someone’s dog is politically offensive.

Those dogs are just outrageous.

Dogs and cats…living together…mass hysteria!

How did that site get on there? It can’t be a mistake because as it helpfully points out on the Net Authority Contact Page:

You do know that the so-called Net Authority is completely satirical right? It’s run by a self-proclaimed athiest named Rudis as a demonstration of Poe’s Law. Good to see that it still works. :smiley:

Methinks I’ve found a new resource for finding websites to waste my time.

Hey, sweet! I’ve never heard the term Poe’s Law (although somebody else’s law mandates that I’ll now hear it again six times this week), but the phenomenon, of course, is not unfamiliar. Good to have a name for it. Thanks.

Ah. Fair enough, but I think Poe’s Law needs a corollary to the effect that No matter how bizarre, outrageous, or just plain idiotic a site may appear, it might not actually be a parody (sure, this one is, but there are plenty enough genuinely wacky fundie sites out there to make it impossible to tell).

Wow, that was weapons grade stupid. With the internet the way it is today, it’s good to see people still striving to stand out as completely fucking insane. The day I can’t find a good delusional fruitball website to read over lunch is the day I’m done with the internet. Kudos, whackjob.

Poe’s Inverse Law?

I enjoyed Hal’s comment on the Net Authority site.

I wanna badge for my website, too!