Netflix/AppleTV question

We got an AppleTV about a month ago, and everything was great. It took about a half hour to configure and set up our sharing, Netflix, YouTube, and so forth.

Then, last week, Netflix disappeared from the menus. I’ve gone through all of the setup screens trying to figure out what happened, and it’s just flat-out completely gone. Everything else is working just like it did before: Netflix is the only thing that has changed.

I can’t reconfigure Netflix, because it’s not there to reconfigure. It works just fine on my Mac and my wife’s Windows machine, both of which are on the same WiFi network as the AppleTV. I’ve done some Googling to solve the problem, but everything I’m finding about Netflix/AppleTV problems related to streaming glitches over WiFi. I don’t see anything about having it just flat go away.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is it an Apple problem or a Netflix problem?

If you don’t get an answer here in a day or two you might try They are a fairly rag tag bunch but occasionally hey have an answer.

According to this, unplugging it from the wall and replugging it seems to fix the problem. Weird.

Same thing has happened to me. For some reason the AppleTV hides the Netflix menu (and a couple others) when it thinks it can’t reach the Internet. Pulling the power fixes it. It’s really annoying that there’s no “reboot” command.

You can reboot it by holding the two lower buttons on the remote down at the same time and waiting till the light on the front of the AppleTV starts flashing. Let go of the buttons and it will restart.

I have a broken ankle and can’t get up, AppleTV and Netflix have been amazing for me. Learning how to reboot it remotely even more amazing.

It pains me that now when someone’s home entertainment has gone wonky, the first question for troubleshooting needs to be “Have you rebooted?”

But yes, my PVR, Apple TV and BD player are all plugged into a power controller so when one or the other acts up, it’s easy to power-cycle the whole lot.

And our telephones (even my old Motorolda “dumb” flip phone) can crash on us.

Frankly, this is what scares me so much about the computers in cars. It’s bad enough when I need to reboot Windows or my iPod. I don’t need that in a car.