Netscape: How can I get the link to appear on the bottom of the page?

I just downloaded Netscape 8.0. I just have one problem. When there is a link on a page that I’m viewing, I generally just scroll over it to see (on the bottom of the page) the website to which I may be linking. If it looks like a site that I wouldn’t trust, or may not be work safe, I can decide not to click on it. In this new version of Netscape, I can’t find the option that will allow me to do this. Can someone help?

I haven’t used Nagvigator in a while so I’m not sure how similar it still is to IE. You can try this, anyway. Go to view and see if there’s something called “Status bar” in your options. If there is, click on it so a check mark appears next to the words.

Wow. That was easy. Thanks Elfkin477!