Netscape's Communicator Mail Problems

When I was first introduced to the www many, many moons ago, I learned to surf with Netscape’s Navigator. Every time there was an upgrade, I would download it. However, since version 4.0, I have had problems with the mail program in Netscape Communicator. After a while, if I would highlight an e-mail message that I have already read, I get “Netscape has caused a general page fault” or something to that affect flashed on the screen and the program closes. I can not even delete the offending e-mail before it closes down! It has occurred in every version from 4.0 to 4.5 (I have not loaded 4.7 yet). Netscape says I should delete some files and therefore loses several e-mails I am saving and I have done this twice but the problem pops up again and again.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is it my PC? I currently have a Gateway Solo with Win98 (and it occurred on an IBM-clone with Win95). So, I have IE 4.0 and Gateway pre-loads Netscape. Sorry, Mac and Linux users, I must go PC due to work obligations. Macs are nice. I have used one for a short while. It just chaffs my arse that I should have to surrender to Gates all of my web browsing needs. Must we bow, yield, kneel and use nothing but IE and Outlook Express in Win 98? What are YOUR thoughts? What do you use to surf the www?

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I use Netscape Communicator on the MacOS with no problem.

Maybe you could use Netscape for browsing and a mail program like Eudora for e-mail.

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Opera works fine under Win98 - . I do use Outlook Express for e-mail though; I like it better than Eudora.

Ah, the good old Netscape blue screen blues.
Do yourself a favor and dump that shit.

I use Internet Explorer 5.0 and Outlook Express. Sure, we all love to hate Microsoft, but the stuff’s free, it works and doesn’t crash the damn system every time you look at it cross-eyed. And it’s my opinion it’s not good enough to deinstall Netscape, you need to buy a machine that’s never had any vestige of it loaded. Hell, I took the disks, the manuals and the box it came in, drove a stake through its heart and buried it at a crossroads for good measure.

Are you leaving you email on the server even after it is read?

This comment made me wonder: “Netscape says I
should delete some files and therefore loses several e-mails I am saving and I have done this twice but the problem pops up again and again.”

I really like Netscape’s email client, and I am glad I found the fix for this problem. The fix can be found at and didn’t require me to delete or lose anything. I see no reason to poo-poo an application you don’t like, or to make somebody feel like a fool for using it.

Great site! Thanks.

Y’know what? I see no reason for you to assume someone else does not have a damn good reason to poo-poo an application they don’t like, and I would assume a grown adult would not feel like a fool for using an application just because someone else badmouthed it. I’d think they might feel like a fool if there was another free application to replace the troublesome one but they never tried it because they kept finding patches to “fix” bugs that should not be there in the first place. Netscape is a giant piece of shit that slows your machine to a crawl and causes endless untold grief because the core code is a steaming morass of years-old patches an glop and add-ons. But if it works for you, hey, have at it.

Uh, Nick? try to calm down a bit. His wasn’t a personal attack (I think).

I personally find Netscape to be better than the alternatives. I don’t like IE because it’s too intrusive, and full of security holes, and I haven’t tried Opera, because… well, just because.
Netscape mail works great for me, and I don’t have the crashing problems that some people complain about.

No it wan’t a personal attack, it wasn’t even directed at anybody in particular. That’s the second time I’ve been attacked & cursed at by the same moderator for simply making a general comment.

By the way, that’s just another general comment.

Uh, I think that when you said “Netscape” you meant “the Windows OS”. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s nice to see Nickrz being consistent. After all, MSIE and Outlook are never subject to code bloat at all, are they? I mean, they’re Microsoft Products! They wouldn’t “[cause] endless untold grief because the core code is a steaming morass of years-old patches an glop and add-ons,” now would they?


That’s the first think I thought! Nickrz, you must have been making a joke. Good one.


I have Netscape 4.5 and haven’t had a problem with it…as far as I know. I have trouble with attachments that contain graphics. I got an e-mail at work today with a really cool attachment (Christmas tree graphics). I forwarded to my home pc, but I can’t bring it up. this has happened quite a few times, and I just figured, since I’m technically challenged, I just don’t know what the shit I’m doing. Maybe it’s Netscape after all.

Nickrz’s comments seem so outrageous; he MUST have been sarcastic…

I use Agent for mail, free from

Extremely stable, easy to use, keeps your mail that you sent & gets new mail for you. Reads newsgroups, like the netscape one. Paid version of Agent is better…

To opus: Thanks for the link! I think this “patch” is a little different from the other steps I was told to take from Netscape.

To Arnold Winkelried: I forgot about Eudora! And it even comes with my Mindspring software! DOH!

To TheNerd: My sentiments exactly! Using ALL Microsoft products gives me the feeling like Big Brother is watching me! Not that I am plotting to gun down my co-workers, blow up a govt. building or any of the likes. I just want my privacy (or at least “the feeling” that I have some privacy.)

To Handy: I’ll check out Agent, too.

Thank you very nice!

“Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’”
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