Network/Sharing Problem on Windows 98 - Help, Please

Situation: I have approximately 17.5 gigs of music I want to set up to share with our house network. I have enabled sharing, or at least tried too, including rebooting my computer. I am still unable to share anything. I think the problem is that while I was setting up the sharing my computer asked me for the Windows 98 setup CD, which I do not have since this computer is a secondhand donation from my grandmother. I can see other computers on the network (mainly just my dad’s, since the others are off). I cannot copy the music to his computer and share it from there, since a) it would take too long and b) he would not be very happy with me taking up so much space. This is not a temporary thing - I want to be able to listen to my music while I am in the basement (there is a computer down there).

Any suggestions?

Are you using netbeui?

I’d recommend getting a copy of a Windows 98 CD. Taking a guess, I say it is trying to install the files that are needed for sharing.

Also, make sure that you not only enable file sharing, but then share files. You have to check the properties of the folders you want to share and do so

You might also look to see if you have a large group of .cab files stored in a non-Windows directory on your computer. If you do, you’re in luck. When prompted to insert the Windows 98 CD, have the installer look in this alternate folder rather than your CD-ROM drive.

Good luck!