Networking for a Job: 101 Maybe this will help someone.

Unemployment sucks.
Looking for a job sucks.
“What Color is your Parachute” has value as toilet paper and kindling. AKA Dianetics.

The ol’ Kpowz provides this, as “Advice in a Jugular Vein”.

Fine. do what everyone expects/tells you to do to find a job. But it ain’t workin’.
Make “finding a job” and 8-hour deal, so you can justify it as a “working day”. Fine. 2zillion resumes. BORING!

SupDubKZ says, fine do this, and GOOD LUCK, but then you need a break.
Where do you go? To the BAR!!!

Bitch, sit back and learn from the President of the 5-O’Clock Club.
The 5-O’Clock Club are those that go to the bar, AFTER WORK, which in the King’s English means EMPLOYED. They go to HAPPY HOUR, and talk about WORK.

Then mix in the BOOZE!! Are you dumb? Would you rather show up, at an interview, nervous and dressed sharp, asking “What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?” and a bunch of Brits bust in and say, “This IS the Spanish Inquisition!”

No, No is the answer from Kpowz.
So in Summarization:

Happy Hour is usually filled with employed people.
Booze makes people happy. And talkative.
Drinking, at 5pm, in the name of seeking employment is the hard facts of life.
The chicks in the colorful pajama-things are Nurses. Talk to them if you are looking for Nursing-work.
The guys over-dressed in Carharts will be construction. The fakes wearing Carharts come out after 8pm.
The fat, bald guys are IT, they like to play pool and vent about hardware restrictions.

I got my job there, been offered 2 more, had one HR manager beg for a resume, and that’s at one bar.

Would you rather network at a church social? Please.