Never again

I will never drink again (booze, thatis).
I will ride in a car my cousin is driving.
I will never get on an aeroplane again.
I will never again stay up till midnight to watch a repeat of Law and Order.

Ooop - that should have been:
I will NEVER ride in a car my cousin is driving (my life flashed before my eyes).

KnowItAll - did I say never again? Well… aaahhhhh, maybe if someone were to twist my arm.

(practicing my arm-twisting technique on my inflatable doll)

Make donuts? Uh…dare I ask?

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

“I will never put children, bunk beds, and a ceiling fan together in the same room again.”

What happened? WE have the same situation, in two rooms.
As far as the recipes go, I will never again try to substitute sour kraut for regular cabbage. It’s overpowering in any food.