Never take a Dragon Ball Z addict to NAPA Auto Parts

I was with my friend who is completely obsessed with DBZ when I realized I needed oil and wiper blades. We were coming back from the lake when I realized I needed wipers and I figured I’d grab some spare oil while I was there. So we stop at NAPA, and it takes forever! He had to keep making bad jokes about Dragon Ball Z. After a while, I had to say to him “Stop calling me Vegeta, and help me find a 19” beam blade"

Was your bill over $9000?

Somebody recently accused me in another thread of blaming the victim, so I just won’t say anything.

But other auto parts stores are okay, right?

They should be. I don’t think there are characters in DBZ named Car quest, Advance, VIP, Auto Zone, or O’Reilly

There is a whole area of Northern California you may want to avoid.

I barely know what dragon ball z is (i’m 32) . Some cartoon, possibly japanese? Is it still around or was that just something from the late 90s early 2000s when I might have noticed something for it?

And I had to read 3 times to understand that NAPA was the thing in reference to dragon ball z, not a certain product at the store. I feel proud of myself for knowing these things.

NAPA is the name of the store. He was making these jokes because there is also a character in Dragon Ball Z named Napa.

No, you’re right about the same age, but if you weren’t in a particular subculture, you wouldn’t know about it. It’s a somewhat famous/infamous anime series. Not exactly good, but it created an entire genre and was created by a very noteworthy manga artist/writer.

Obligatory link to the best parody of DragonBall:

Team 4 star, best of Napa. (NSFW language)

Ghost Napa!