Never trust an M&M - my brush with fortune.

So I went to the store today to purchase a bag of M&M’s. It’s Father’s day, you know, and I wanted to make some M&M cookies for my Dad. I strolled down the candy isle and spotted the M&M’s. According to the bag, they were having yet another contest. This time it was “Find The All-Groovy Bag of M&M’s and Win $5,000 Each Summer For The Rest of Your Life!”

An All-Groovy bag, for those not in the know, is a bag of M&M’s in which each of the pieces of candy is speckled with many different colors. It had pictures of a Groovy M&M right there on the bag. Anyway, I took my bag home and sat it on the table while I proceeded to make the cookie dough. When it was time, I opened the bag.

And lo and behold, it was Groovy.

I tried not to get too excited, but hey, we could all use an extra $5000 a year. My fingers sticky with cookie dough, I anxiously cut apart the bag to reveal the official game piece. My heart skipped a beat when I read those fateful words:

Sorry, This Bag Is Not A Winner. Please Play Again!

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that my M&M’s were not groovy. It looked like they had many broken pieces of candy shells stuck to them. I guess that doesn’t constitute them as being groovy.


Send me those M&Ms. I’ll punish them for playing you for a fool like that. I’ll grind them up, then drop them in a vat of acid.

Mmmmm, M&Ms…

I want groovy M&Ms. :frowning:

That red M&M looks baked. :o

Back in 2000, I think it was, Oreo had a promotion where you had to look for the cookies which had images of cars or dollar signs or whatever on them. My friend and I had to go through the entire bag and inspect each Oreo, for fear her kids would eat the ten-grand cookie or whatever. Needless to say, the promotion didn’t last long.

Rilchiam: The bag usually has confirmation if you have won, in case the contents are damaged or whatever.

I second my good buddy over in Sector R: Mmmmmmmmm M&Ms :slight_smile:

Was your bag all groovy? Or just sorta-kinda groovy?


What’s interesting is that on the site it says:

Grand Prize
$5,000 a Year for Life!*
*maximum 50 years

Are they telling me I only have 50 years of life left? Are they telling me I’m so disgustingly unhealthy I’ll die early?

If you don’t end up finding the groovy bag, you can always sue them for that.

Man, like all this competition stuff is just a downer, you know. Like, M&M’s are always groovy because they know they’re part of the universe and in tune with what’s happenin’. Cool. M&M’s are never uptight, you know, like, they are what they are and they never put on some kind mask to play the man’s game. Wow, that’s a heavy thought, yeah. I’m just saying that like, you know, you shouldn’t buy the M&M’s because some establishment type tells you they’re groovy, you should like be with the M&M’s in their space and really experience the cosmic rush of M&M-ness. Become one with the M&M. Like, have you ever really looked at an M&M? Man, like, this is really a trip. The red one’s talking to me dude–and he’s wearing shoes! I’m freakin’, man, I’m freakin’–the brown M&M’s are no good, the brown M&M are no good!

Peace, love and freedom, man. Cool.

Well they appeared to be all-groovy at first. But after I took a good look at them I noticed that the green ones were in fact, not groovy at all.

No, no; it’s the brown ones that are specifically not too good.

D’OH! Kalessa, I’m sorry I didn’t read your entire post…kinda spaced, man…heh heh, spaceman…

Don’t eat the brown M&Ms!!!

It’s cool, man, I’m mellow with it. Good to know I’m not the only one that got a bad M&M.

I dunno about you guys, but I’m holding out to win the one billion dollars from Pepsi!!!

Don’t hold your breath. Those bastards still haven’t delivered my Harrier.

I wouldn’t quit your day job if I were you, Qazzz…according to the Pepsi website the odds of being the grand prize winner are 1 in 1.047 billion. And, then, the odds of the grand prize winner actually scooping the $1 bn are one in 1,000: so the odds of winning that billion are one in 1.047 TRILLION. Makes the Powerball look like a good bet!

It’s too late. I’ve already quit my day job and spend all the money I make selling my body on Diet Pepsi!!! It’s a sure bet!

Are you sure they weren’t “Groovy”?

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with a co-worker when he suddenly stopped and examined the M&Ms he had just opened.

They were all “Groovy”

It took a few moments to find the weasel words on the package that said something like “If you find groovy M&Ms in your package you may be a winner”

Oh well.

Am I the only one who thinks the ‘groovy’ ones are just factory rejects that are not being thrown out anymore?