New M&M's!

So I’m at the supermarket today perusing the chocolate aisle (as I often do) when what do my wondering eyes should appear but a maroon-colored package of M&M’s. :confused: I know the plain chocolate are in a brown package, peanut are in a yellow package, almond are in an off-white package, peanut butter are in a red package, crispy are in a blue package… but what’s in maroon?

Caramel! :slight_smile:

I got a little package, and they’re tasty yummy. I’m actually not overly fond of the chocolate they use in M&M’s, but once I start i get addicted and eat half a bag. the caramel are kind of a caramel/chocolate mix, making it really sweet, but I like caramel, so… :slight_smile:

Oddly, I see nothing about it on their website. Similarly, the package also reads “dulce de leche” - why in French?

Check 'em out.


Huh. Sounds cool. I’ll check it out.

WHen will they be here? Criminy, they’re headquartered in Chicago. Why don’t the test these things here?

But I am very confused about these sexy female Green M&M ads, since EVERYBODY knows they turn you gay. Maybe she’s really a guy.

Drag queen.


I thought the green M&M’s were supposed to make you horny.

Yeah, and I bet you think it’s okay to wear a green shirt on Thursday, too. Fairy. :wink:

That is such good news. I was so disappointed at the last color change. They added blue, but removed tan - why remove any color? Jelly beans come in lots of colors. More colors is just better.

More flavors is better yet.

Saw them talking about them on Good Morning America a couple of weeks back and they loved them.

[nitpick] dulce de leche is Italian [/nitpick

Nitpicking the nitpick, unless M&M’s say otherwise, dulce de leche could also be Spanish.

I’m so jazzed about this, I friggin love caramel!

(Speaking of dulce de leche, have you tried the Bryers Dulce de Leche caramel ice cream with caramel swirl? Ungodly good!)

Yummy! Caramel! I love caramel, especially in ice cream. Yummmm…

How does that work, anyway? I’ve never eaten any of the peanut butter M&Ms or ones like that. Are they like the Reese’s Pieces, with just the peanut butter and the candy shell, or is there chocolate too?

Maybe I ought to try those one day. Right after the peanut butter Twix.

Um, you do realize I meant the color of the bag, not the M&M’s themselves, right? All M&M’s, despite what’s inside 'em, are the same colors (red, orange, yellow, dark brown, blue and green).

Jess, the caramel ones are swirled together with the chocolate. The peanut butter ones are layer - center is peanut butter, then a coating of chocolate, then the candy coating, like the peanut M&M’s have a solid peanut in the middle (as do the almonds). Works the same way with the cripsy M&M’s.


Come on DZ, we all know “they” prefer faerie.

I mean, get with it!

(Kidding, honestly!)

“Dulce de Leche” is Spanish, by the way. The candies are targeted at America’s growing Hispanic population, as I recall.

Dulce de leche is Spanish. Caramel M&Ms (an idea whose time has come, BTW) are aimed at the Hispanic market and are being marketed in cities with large Hispanic populations. Here’s an article about it.

I wish they’d make it to Houston.


Yes, I started thinking about it and Dulce de Leche is Spanish. But, it could be Italian if you kicked the Italian trying to say it in the knee.

OK, I’m an idiot.

Didn’t we discuss the shocking lack of Mexican cuisine a few weeks ago when I forget who was bemoaning the lack of decent mole poblano there?

Hispanic groceries should have these new M&Ms, eh? (planning trip home from work tomorrow)

so, they upped the calcium count in m&m’s… excellent.

So now they’re health food, right?

(Whining piteously)
I want 'em ! Can’t find 'em !
(Glaring at ** Drachillix**)
You SAID you’d find me some, you SAID!