Neverwinter Nights trouble - Help?

Ok, it took me a long, long time to get this game and when I finally did I had to wait til I got a new computer to play it. At any rate, I love it, and my primary game has been pretty successful; I’m fairly high level and have made it pretty far.

But now I’m stuck. Really stuck.
Spoilers for those who have not played or gotten far …

I kicked ass is Luskan and moved on down into the Silver Marches and the woodlands around Beoruna’s Well. I’ve cleaned out about all the woods and gone deep underr the mountain into the fire giant caves. I won my way through that slowly and carefully over a period of day and came at last to the end …

and Klauth. One of the most powerful dragons of the FR setting. Now apparently you are supposed to get this gizmo from him to steal the soul of another dragon that’s captive just in another room, and in exchange Klauth will give you one of these magic shards you are trying to collect.

Well as it happened, I already killed the black dragon and now Klauth thinks I’m betraying him - he just kills me and I can’t get the thingy I need. I’ve fought him a good thirty times, and I know his stats from the game already, and there is no beating him. Is there something I’ve missed or is there another way to get another dragon soul (because I think all the dragons are dead, and if not, there is one but is a good dragon that I shouldn’t kill).

This has had me blocked in the game for months. Any hints or help please?

You could try using some cheat codes to help you kill Klauth?

I have the walkthrough book…

if you have to kill him (and it sounds like you do), you want to give him the Dragon Sphere full of death. Do this by going to the Blue Dragon’s lair (North) and instead of filling the dragon sphere by putting it on the pedastal, kill the Blue Dragon - after you kill him put the dragon sphere on the pedistal and it turns into a dead dragon sphere. Giving it to Klauth will cause him to eat 500 hps.

(I can’t believe I just typed anything so geeky).

Hmmm… it’s been a while since I played the game, but I seem to recall that even after giving the dragon the killer sphere, Klauth still whomped me repeatedly. But it turned out that there was a nearby bridge that was too narrow for Klauth, so I retreated and shot him full of arrows from a point of safety. (He’s tough and many of the arrows didn’t do much damage so I needed several quivers of enchanted arrows.)

NB: This could be a completely different encounter, if not a completely different RPG that I’m remembering.

If you have the Greater Swordsmens Belt, you should be pretty much immune to his physical attacks. If you have some sort of elemental protection thingy (ring/potion etc.) that should be good against his fire breath. If you have some sort of cold enchanted weapon, that’s the thing to whack him on the head with.

Hmm. I’ve tried most of that stuff already, but crossing the bridge and shooting him from afar is worth as much a try as anything else I’ve done.

Thanks y’all.

I did the arrow attck from across the bridge as well. Keep that teleport stone handy and use it frequently to heal yourself and buy more arrows.

My strategy for kill Klauth the time I forgot to save the death sphere was a bit idiosyncratic, I think.

First I play rogues. So if you’re using something else this may not work. (Clerics could make it work, I think, but I’m less sure.)

First, when you go to meet Klauth, make sure you’ve got some kind of summoned beastie with you. The stronger it is, the better, of course, but whatever you choose, 90% of the time Klauth goes after the summoned beast first, then your henchcritter, then you.

I’ve always used Daelan as my main henchcritter, so he gets up close and personal with Klauth, while my character stealthed, and just kept reading summon critter scrolls. Every so often reading a heal scroll on Daelan, or using the stone of recall helped, but that was the main strategy.