New addition to the world, and to the SDMB

This evening, at 8:05 PM, Mountain time, the board picked up a new member. One who weighs 7lbs 12 Oz.

Jake Ryan came into the world after about 15 hours of labor. Mrs. C. claims that any person who can get through labor without an epidural is not only insane, but numb, numb, numb from the waist down.

When we left the homestead this morning for the hospital, the first contraction hit. 3 minutes later, as we get Mom hooked up to the machines, she had already dilated 3 and effaced 25%. Contractions were already coming 3 minutes apart. Things were moving MIGHTY quick.

The epidural slowed things down considerably. Although the contractions came with the same regularity, their intensity did not increase. Finally, at about 7 PM, 100% effacement, and 10CM dilation came about. Thank god. Mom was ready to get this guy out!

To her credit, Mrs. C. had them turn off the epidural when it became clear that she was having difficulty locating the muscles to use to push. Once the feeling returned, it took no time at all.

I ended up doing absolutely everything I said I would not do. I helped in the delivery, when I said I would stay by her head and offer support. I cut the umbilical cord when offered the chance. And, most of all, I cried as if for that brief moment, I were the happiest, most proud man on the face of the earth.

And I may very well have been.

Jake, welcome to the world. The people here are some of the good ones.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Cynical! Nothing better than looking at your beautiful new baby. Give him a kiss from me.


Good luck with everything, Mr C!

I wish you the best!!

Oh, yeah, Mr. C…whatever you do, DON’T purposely try to make your wife laugh. It hurts like nobody’s business to laugh or cough for the first few weeks after having a baby. And make sure you have ice packs ready when she comes home. And pillows on the couch so she doesn’t have to hobble upstairs a bunch.

And, uh…kiss the baby for me. Kiss him lots and lots. And post pictures when you get a free minute. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mr. Cyn, best of luck!! Hope he turns out ok!! Ne le laissez pas obtenir à près de votre lecteur dur ou le rayonnement lui nuira.


Congrats Mr. Cyn!!!

Have you been out to wet the baby’s head yet?

and have you thought of any names or usernames?

'Grats, Pops.

'Tis the best feeling, isn’t it?

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cynical. Welcome to the world, Jake Ryan Cynical!

It’s funny isn’t it? One week you’re losing a friend, and the other you’re gaining one. Well, potentially, at least. I’m sure he’s a smart kid, so we can expect him online and on the SD in about 5 years or so :smiley:

Congratulations on the new addition!!!

:rolleyes: That sounds like either some newfangled math, or you just renovated your home…

What timing!!! I dedicate my 200th post to the little one!!!

Congrat’s Mr & Mrs C!!!

Congrats Mr. Cynical & Mrs. Cynical on the birth of your beautiful new cynicalet. Kewl name ya picked for him.

As for his username, how about " A Little Skeptical"

So happy for you. I’m assuming that mom and son are doing fine. So when will you be passing out cigars and drinking a toast? Post pics soon.

Smug, I like that A Little Skeptical.

wooohooo congrats there Cyni. What a wonderful world.

You deny thy name, Mr. Cynical. You sound like a downright softie here!

But you have every right. Congratulations on Cynical Jr. Hope mother and child are doing well.

Welcome to the SDMB, Jake. And to the world. I’ve every faith you’ll improve it in your own way.

Congratulations Mr. Cynical to you and your wife. I guess we can count on some 3am posting from you. :slight_smile:

congrats Mr C.


How long before Jake gets registered here? And how long before you start the pit thread “I hate kids-what the HELL am I doing up at this hour?”

Heartiest congratulations Dad! (Neat word, ain’t it?)

Way to go, Mrs. C!

Howdy Jake!

Yay! Mr.C’s a dad! Congratulations pops!
Jake Ryan Cynical welcome to the world.
don’t worry, i don’t expect a response from him, it can wait a few years…
Enjoy the moments you’ll have Mr.C!
big super congrats!

Congrats Mr. C. Granted this might mean a lot lessof us seeing you on the board, but this is a pretty neat moment to see. Give Cynical Jr. an extra dose of baby powder for me.