New addition to the world, and to the SDMB

oh, and give my congrats to the Mrs. as well, couldn’t have happened without her of course! Yay Mrs. C!

Congrats Mr & Mrs. Cynical!!!
Hi there, Jake. Welcome to the world.


It’s only 11 weeks since I went through the experience. It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

All the best to the Mrs and JR.

Congratulations! Give Mrs. C a big hug from me, okay? Birthin’ babies is hard work! Give lil’ C a big smooch on the forehead from me, too.

Remember this day always; it’s what keeps you from strangling them when they are five going on 15. :slight_smile:

(the following is a post by LittleTot, who is insisting that I let him post.)

Mr. Cynical, how did the baby get inside? Congratulations on getting the baby. That’s all.

Love, Nicholas

Care to field this one? It’ll be good practice! :slight_smile: BTW, I have tried to explain the proper method but he doesn’t believe me.

Congrats! I remember that feeling. Take time to enjoy him, they really do grow up fast. Best of wishes to the whole fam damily.:slight_smile:

Congrats MrC!

Spank that boy on the bottom for me!


Congrats, Mr. C!

Give the little guy a kiss for me.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cynical.

There once was a user named Cynical
Whose barbs, it was said, reached a pinnacle.
His wife popped a kid
As so many have did
Now there’s something here somewhat problynical.

This person’s supposed to be witty
Free-wheeling; he’s no Walter Mitty
We should give up the ghost
'Cause how’s he gonna post
While he’s watching his new son suck titty?

This isn’t too much of a poem
Don’t work it through with fine-toothed comb.
He will come back; we’ll belch
We’ll scream “SQUICK!” likewise, “FELCH!”
And he’ll soon feel right back at home.

It sucks, spur of the moment and all that, apologies to Edward Lear and Ogden Nash, and mad congrats. :slight_smile:

Thats beautiful man!

I couldnt be more happy for you…

Its nice to see a kid who has a Dad.

Awesome, Mr. C!

My regards to the Missus and the Little Cynic.

Almost 8 pounds? Big boy!!

Congrats Mr. C and family.

Congrats, Mr. C.

Conga Rats!

I recall going through this last year… funny how time flies. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cynical and welcome to the world Jake!! Enjoy every moment with him, he’ll grow up fast! Can’t wait to see pics.

Hooorrraaaayyy!!! I’m so very happy for you and your family. Take care of each other.

Yeah!!! Congrats, Cyn! When do we get to see pictures of your [FrenchDudeFromHolyGrail] little Cyyyyyyyyynigit? [/FrenchDudeFromHolyGrail] Avoid dropping Jake, I know they squirm, but they’ll remember it later on. And yea Mrs. Cyn! Babies are such happy creatures. (except at 3 AM. Then they’re possessed. But I digress…)

ps: my mom didn’t use an epidural for me, and has held it over my head my entire life. “You were the first and last one not to have been drugged. Apprechiate it.” :smiley:

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. C!!!

Congratulations to you all! Pamper Mrs. Cynical - she needs to just lie in bed for at least a week to recoup. And remember she’ll be moving pretty slow for a while - so you get to be the sprinter when Cynical Jr. cries.

Your lives are forever changed. :slight_smile: My son was born 8 months ago - seems like just yesterday I was in L&D. They grow so quickly - cherish every minute (even the waking every 2 hours at night).

-h_thur and h_thur jr.