New addition to the world, and to the SDMB


BTW, say goodby to sleep for a while.:smiley:

Congrats Mr. C! Make sure you enjoy everything from here on out. Time is just gonna whoosh on by now.

Congrats, FamilyC!

So, when are we going to see some pictures?

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. C. Have fun with mini-C, and hopefully he won’t get in too much trouble over the next 18 years or so.

Yay! One more person on OUR side, the side with smart, funny, cynical people.

And people, stop saying squick and felch, how is he going to print this page and put it in The Wee Cynics babybook?


P.S. It gets better after the first 8 weeks. Really.

WOOOHOO! Congrats, Mr & Mrs. C!

Now, we want pictures, dammit!!

Yay, I’m an Uncle!!! :wink: I’m so very happy for you, my friend. You will definitely be one of the world’s best dads. BIG HUGS to you, congratulations on the arrival of your son and WELCOME Jake Ryan Stringer!

Much Love,

Congrats to you and the wife MrC! So, when are you going to let Jake start posting? :wink:

A big celebratory hug to you, Mrs. C, and Baby C! Is this your first?

And by the way…“Jake Ryan” is a great name. :slight_smile:


Yer pal,

Three months, one week, five days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and 11 seconds.
4142 cigarettes not smoked, saving $517.83.
Life saved: 2 weeks, 9 hours, 10 minutes.

Yippee!!! Give baby and mommy big kisses from me! Here’s one for you too smooch.

Whenever you’re ready for a night out to work on #2, I’m available to sit for baby Jake!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations to the Cynical family!!!

I propose CYGNET as the user name - dunno why, just rings a bell with me :slight_smile:

Congratulations Dad!

Welcome to the world Jake! Let the brainwashing begin!

The World can Always use more Cynical people! Congratulations, Good Health to your family.


PS - thanks for remining me of that occasion, sounds very similar to what happened with me and mine.

How great! Congrats! Now the fun will begin! :smiley:

Just adding my word of congragulations. Good luck with raising the baby. May he grow up well.

Congratulations to Father and Mother C!, especially mother C, who had the hard job.

Congratulations, Papa Cynical!

Hooray for Jake, the new Cynical Wunderkind!

Congrats! I hope Mrs. C is feeling alright, and best of luck.

So…can we take Jake out for beers this weekend?