New and Unimproved Workplace Rants

I’m not sure I can adequately write a rant without extreme use of assorted foul language. If what I’m thinking were aired on network TV, it would sound like R2D2.

Summary version: I work in a call center. Some of us take 60+ calls/day while others don’t even take that many in a WEEK, and it’s not because they’re doing other actual work. Some privileged pets get to sit around yakking, doing crafts, or flat-out sleeping while the responsible grownups take up the slack. Management is more concerned with quashing any mention that someone stated flatout on FB that they’re COVID-positive than any actual health/safety issues. Call scoring is getting a lot harsher and more arbitrary in a way that suggests they’re looking to give as many failing scores as possible.

I’m at a point where retail cashiering or overnight stock sounds a lot better than this. I think fast food would be an improvement.

LIS, that’s the summary. More details would involve more profanity than I think even the Pit would deem acceptable.

I know you didn’t ask, but my roommate, a restaurant server, lost her job because of Covid. Two months ago she started working from home for (automotive related customer service chat specialist). She’s been happy with it, decent training, supervisors seem fair, no complaints about scoring. Scheduling has been smooth, there are better than average benefits and to her the money seems good.

I’d be delighted with work-at-home, but have little to no clue about cars.

This reminded me of a toxic workplace, where we were putting in 60+ hrs/wk, working into the wee hours, and one night I asked the VP what his dream job would be. “After high school, I was an overnight stocker in a grocery store, and lately I dream of those days. No one looking over my shoulder, no crazed customers, just silence and clear, basic tasks.”

That does sound quite nice, actually. I used to like people. This job has me so misanthropic that Plague Inc is good stress relief.

She doesn’t either (doesn’t have a drivers license yet at 31 and until today didn’t own a car). Not needed at all-they taught her what she needed to know. You already are experienced at customer service and that would stand you in very good stead. She’s shy and an introvert, but their training was very solid and she is finding it pleasant work compared to other jobs she has had such as fast food and warehouse/stocking. The company doesn’t let customers give you shit-the supervisors step right in and the chats are distributed very evenly among the workers. It’s more money than she has ever made and overtime is offered if she wants it. Plus flexible hours-she works 9-5:30p but she can request different hours. She only on-line chats in a chat box with customers. She occasionally Zoom calls with team members or supervisors but even then she doesn’t have to change out of her pj bottoms. She likes that. They will subsidize your internet bill.

Please PM me more details. Your link led me someplace that didn’t seem relevant.

I PMed you a link I think will work.

My auto-correct inserted its own idea of what I meant to type. Bugaboo is a fancy-smanzy baby stroller. Gubagoo is the employer of from home, on-line customer service specialists.

Even in the midst of COVID the job must go on. So I’m sitting out two weeks in quarantine at a hotel with iffy wi-fi and still expected to put in a full day’s remote work and attend zoom meetings.

At least I can get a container of blackberry yogurt every morning.