New and Unimproved Workplace Rants

There is a tiny town about 5 miles away that has a drive through for buying MJ.

New bills tend to stick together, maybe they are used to getting new bills? I agree it is a disgusting habit. Not to mention 92% of US bills test positive for cocaine, dont want to think what else there may be on there.

Hmm, might have to try this bill-licking thing…

So, about two months ago, one project I worked on ended, and a follow-on project started. I had completed a nice code base and was ready to continue with it. But not so fast! There are contractual obligations; you can’t just use code from one project on another project.

Here are the hoops that had to be jumped through.

  1. I make a request to use the code on the new project.
  2. My program manager makes formal request to receive the code.
  3. Request goes to my Company’s contracts office.
  4. My contracts office approves and sends request to receive code to Prime Contractor contracts office.
  5. Prime contracts office sends to Prime’s program manager for approval.
  6. Prime’s program manager sends approval back to their contracts office.
  7. Prime’s contracts office approves and sends request to Customer’s contracts office.
  8. Customer’s contracts office sends request to Customer’s program manager for approval.
  9. Customer’s program manager asks for confirmation from previous program manager.
  10. Previous manager approves.
  11. Current program manager sends approval to receive the code to their contracts office.
  12. Then, Customer’s contracts office sends request to deliver code to Prime Contractor.
  13. Prime Contractor contracts office sends request to deliver code to my Company.
  14. My Company’s contract’s office sends request to deliver code to my program manager.
  15. My program managers asks if it’s okay to deliver the code to the project.
  16. Hmm, should I give myself permission to use the code I wrote? After due diligence, I deem myself worthy.
  17. My program manager relays approval to deliver code my Company’s contracts office.
  18. My Company’s contracts office gives approval to Prime’s contracts office.
  19. Prime’s contracts office sends delivery approval to Customer’s contracts office.
  20. Customer’s contracts office forwards approval to Prime’s contract office.
  21. Prime’s contracts office realizes the email chain has Prime’s proprietary information comingled in it. Try again!
  22. Repeating previous steps 5 through 11 (or something like, this part is opaque to me).
  23. Prime’s contracts office forwards approval to my Company’s contract office.
  24. My Company’s contracts office sends approval to delivery code to my program manager.
  25. My program manager says: you’re good to go.
  26. I email myself my code, cc’ing contracts and others, as the official hand-off of the code.
  27. I can finally work on my code again.

Whee! The basic idea is sound: if the code were from another Prime Contractor, it makes sense I’d need their permission to use their code. It’s just weird that they jump through the same hoops even when one is “delivering” code to oneself.

Who in the almighty fuck thinks it’s a good idea to drop nearly a hundred pages of test results on someone’s desk, along with a list of non-conformances, at 4:45 PM on a Friday??? :rage: This person knows I’ll be working from home next week, and we’re not allowed to take the hard copies out of the building, so I had to stay and scan everything.

So, you’re working from home, but you can’t take your work home?

Or do they think it’s a security issue? In which case, do they realize you could accomplish the same industrial espionage with scans on your thumb drive?

They did scan them. I assume it’s more of a chain of custody thing. Can’t chance losing the originals, so they stay in the building.

Okay, that makes more sense.

But there should be a rule: If you’re dumping stuff on someone who’s working from home, you need to give them (legible) scans, not a stack of originals.

Yep, that’s it. Also, when management finds out there’s a problem (I don’t know exactly how big the problem is, since I didn’t really read through the reports), they will want to have a look at the results for themselves, which is much easier if the reports are left on the table where the other problem jobs and reports are kept.

Yes!!! I’m still not sure what this person gained by dumping all on my desk so late in the afternoon; they had to know that I wouldn’t look at it until Monday anyway.