New and Unimproved Workplace Rants

My last two job changes were offered, mine to say no to. There’s a lot goid in this company, but also a lot I’d like to change!

Longest in one role for me was a little over 9 years. Shortest was 14 months; loved the job, got offered something better!

Another day on the Hellmouth. :slightly_frowning_face: I may have some updates later today. It’s becoming clearer to me that my chaos demon boss has an extreme need to control every little thing that happens, so that’s not going well. I think she’s trying to make it so I don’t have anything to work on, and I’m not sure how to handle that. I’m going to talk to a wise person today, so that should help.

What’s her endgame in that do you think?

I had sent you a PM with a suggestion of how to slow the clock in order to make it to September. Is that an option for you?

I think she wants to fire me or make me quit without going through the official process.

Thanks! I’ll read that now. I’m checking into short-term disabilty. That might be an option.

I survived the meeting with Chaos Boss, but that was a wild ride! She wants to do this every week, and the only way I’ll survive that is with lots of Xanax. It was very unfair of me to ask her to clarify what she wants me to do and what she wants other staff members to do. No straight answers to straight questions from her! I was physically exhausted by the time it was over. She wants to have someone from HR to mediate our next meeting, which should be interesting. I don’t know if she can make herself look reasonable, but it will be fun to see her try.

I have upset her greatly by working on things that need to be done. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We got some valve components in at work before I went on vacation. We assemble them and ship them to the customer…but the manufacturer doesn’t provide assembly instructions. So I made a document to accomany each assembly, complete with detailed measurements and pictures (not drawings, actual freakin’ pictures, taken with my phone because I can never find the department’s camera). This was particularly important because each assembly has two washers and two springs that appear to be the same, but actually have very different dimensions. I made sure to note this in the document, even going so far as to make the pictures of the washers and springs as close to full scale as I could get them. Since I’m typing this here, I bet you know what happened - the springs and washers were reversed by the person who apparently skipped that whole page of the document. :person_facepalming: Forturnately this was caught and corrected before anything went to the customer.

Boy, can I relate to that! We (I) write procedures with zoomed in detailed illustrations and I think either the shop guys are illiterate or just lazy, because it seems like they just ignore the procedure and do whatever the hell they want. Incorrectly! And then engineering has to make them fix it. This happens at least once a month, if not more often.

We have a sign out calendar for meeting rooms. Apparently I’m the only one who uses it. I just heard our Executive Director ask several managers into a meeting in the room I have signed out starting if 15 minutes. Now I get to go tell them I have it signed out at which point he will pull rank and I will be annoyed. Fuck people.

Oh, it gets even better. That procedure I mentioned has a step that involves drilling a hole through the part. It requires the machinist (or whatever rando they get to do the work, apparently) to measure and record the hole’s diameter, as well as its position on both sides - this is a quick way to make sure the hole was drilled reasonably straight.

For some strange reason, the hole’s diamter was recorded three times. No measurements were taken for the hole’s position.

I had been told one of our official inspectors would be responsible for taking and recording the measurements; strangely, none of them would take credit for this activity, and one even insisted that the shop manager had helped one of the technicians complete the procedure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It took me all damn day to write up the justification for that one.