New Board weirdness - main pages not updating

When I open the SDMB, the most recent posts shown are all a about 6 pm CST, with none of the folders showing the “new posts” yellow colour.

If I click on one of the forums, the forum page is also stalled at about 6 pm, and all the threads show the purple “no new posts” colour.

If I click on a thread, it comes about with the last entry around 6 pm.

But if I then click “refresh” on my browser (Safari), it updates the thread to the current time, if there have been any posts to it since 6 pm.

It’s more of the same problem manifesting itself.

Until the server situation is corrected you’re going to see all kinds of unhappy as the system struggles to keep up with the intense demand, dropping tasks it can’t handle.

We apologize for your inconvenience and hope this resolves soon.

Thanks, TubaDiva. Thought it would be something like that.

It was updated here this afternoon, and I was surfing, but now all of a sudden, all the forum pages are showing last posts around 6 pm yesterday.

Huh - not having this trouble on Tapatalk.

I’m having just as much trouble on Tapatalk unfortunately.

I understand and will patiently wait for the problem to be resolved. I know that such things can take time. I just hope that on my next bill, I’m prorated a couple of days fee.
Thank you.


Yeah, my browser is defaulting to opening pages as if they were last touched 6/10/2013 at 8:00 PM EST.

If I control-reload a few times, it loads the correct page updated to the moment.

Cafe forum posts are not refreshing. Right now the most recent post is 06-10-2013 05:02 PM. :confused:

Try refreshing the page. That seems to be the best way of getting current results.

Yep, you must be in the West.

Just hold control and press “r” and it will eventually load right.

Hold down shift and click reload, is that the same thing? That’s what I’ve been doing and it seems to clear it.

Is there an equivalent for Safari?

Well, now no posts are showing at all in MPSIMS. It’s because of the 2 day filter. The board isn’t seeing the current posts and it’s filtering out the old ones. :wink: So nothing is showing.

Reloading eventually gets it working.

Strange that a cache problem keeps trying to bring up those posts from 2 days ago (as the recent ones)

I never shoulda taken the red pill.

Command-R is reload for Safari on Mac; should be the same for Safari on Windows if that’s your OS.

This is exactly why I’ve avoided web server support. I’ll support PC’s and Workstations. Even the office file and print server. Web Server Support? Hell No! They couldn’t pay me enough money for the headaches.

That works - thanks!