Has the meaning of "refresh" changed?

Used to be, if I hit the “refresh” button" the screen would change to reflect posts as they have appeared since the last time I was on that particular page. But now, when I’m in, say, the Cafe Society main page, I’ll just get the same page over and over again. I need to log out and log in again to get the page refreshed, and (I think) it’ll reflect only those threads that have changed since my last log in, not all threads in Cafe Society, with only the new ones rising to the top. I liked the old way better.

Is this me, or is it the SDMB? Is there a way to feel refreshed anymore?

I don’t seem to have that problem. Might be your browser (WAG)? Mine’s IE6, cranky as anything at times, but it still refreshes SDMB forums.

Has happened to me since the upgrade. Clicking on “new posts” at the top works fine, though.