New camera, new cat photos.

I just bought a new digital SLR camera, and I’ve been snapping lots of photos around the house to get used to all the settings.
So, for no particular reason:

Here is Tigger awake.

Tigger asleep

And a flower, just because it was there.

Sqeeee!!! Chunker Kitteh!!!

OoooOOOoooh, lovely fat kitteh! Yes you are! You’re sooooooo faaaaaaaat. snoogles

Yeah, I’m done now.

Yes, my alternate title was “My cat is fatter than yours.”, but I thought people might take that as a challenge. (I guess that could have been interesting too.)

He is quite firm though. Not all squishee like some fat cats i’ve seen. :slight_smile:

He’s very handsome. And the flower is pretty. And I have no intention of confessing how many cat and flower pictures I have taken.

Who’s a chubby kitteh? Who’s a CHUBBY KITTEH?

Yes, I suck all the dignity out of cats immediately.


Actually, I’m getting a link to and not photobucket, as it appears it ought to be. Why is that? Could it be something on my end? WinXP, Firefox… gonna run a virus-scan, I guess :frowning:

I still want to see the chubby kitteh… sulks, and stomps out of the room

Awwwww…chubby kitty! Cute! Cute! Cute!

[pets Tigger] And what a handsome fellow he is too!

Not meaning to interrupt the squee-fest or anything, but nobody has asked the really important questions. What kind of camera and why aren’t you in the SDMB flickr group?

Also, cute cat.

I’ve got an Olympus e-410 with both the 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses. This is the first I’ve heard of the flikr group. It looks cool though, I’ll sign up soon. Do you have discussions, or is it mainly a place to post your work?

In theory, it’s a place for discussions. We’re kind of slow with that though. Obviously, that just means we need new blood.

New cat picture with my new camera.

Canon 5D - 24-105mm f4L lens

He’s a beauty! I love gray cats.

I can see the chubby kitteh today… all is good with the world*. He is very cute! And so is your cat, postcards.
*it appears Photobucket had a DNS hack/problem or something.