New Computer/ Sound System And Guess What?

I bought them as a result of recommendations made by Y’all, Dude!:slight_smile:


I am one happy Alliance Human Warrior (Wolkenlaufer) doing good deeds while also helping to keep Azeroth safe at level 12!

I am now playing with a (full deck) mouse which has a cord, and have such definitive sound as to be able to hear that Prowler Wolf sneaking up behind me!

I’m totally jazzed that I was able to put this whole thing together, but could not have done it without the help of my bro’s in arms right here!:slight_smile:

Getting ready to fix up my computer room to look like King Arthur’s war room, and then I’ll be all set!

Anybody know where I can get a chain mail vest?:wink:

Kidding about the vest of course, but I would like to get one of those “gaming keyboards” with the WoW overlay. Do those come with a corded mouse though, guys?

Again, thanks (y’all know who you are) for all the great advice! I’ve made friends with my CPU whose “face” looks a lot like Darth Vader, and we both say “Life bless you!”


If you can, go check out the gaming keyboard at a store where there’s one on display. I bought a Logitech G-15 keyboard shortly after it came out, and I didn’t really care for it.

The light up keys are nice, the ability to record macros is nice, but not many games use the screen and the keys are much smaller and closer together than a normal keyboard. Makes it hard to type.

The new G15’s are better IMHO. I’ve got the old version and I’m not thrilled, but I can’t justify a new one until maybe xmas this year.

A decent wireless gaming mouse can be had for around $40-60. I got the MX revolution which isn’t a gaming mouse, but I really like the special wheel. comes in handy when I have to do excel work.

Hey, if you want a brand new, unopened copy of Wrath of the Lichking and the brady games guide I have them (I got it for xmas but I’m not a fan of WOW). I’ll give you a really good deal on them.

I had a G-11, which was similar to the g-15 sans the lcd screen, which I couldn’t really imagine any compelling reason to spring for. I liked my g-11 a lot though, and never found the size of the keys to be a problem (though I use a laptop at work (and now at home, since i left my gaming rig back in America oh-so-long ago) so that might have something to do with it)

As for the MX rev, I’m honestly not really a fan of the new logitech mice, they’re all too heavy (even without the little weights they come with) and the “ergonomic” shape of them hurts my wrist. I’ve always been more a fan of simple 5-button microsoft mice. Definitely go for a 5 button mouse, though, I7ve always found the extra buttons to be useful when I game.

MX518. The only mouse you will ever need.

I have big, thick clumsy fingers which sometimes strike 2 keys at once, so if those gaming keys are that close together, I better not use it then.

As far as the mouse, I did have a Logitech cordless, but after reading here that they tend to interfere with fighting, I am using the keyboard and mouse they sent with the NZXT computer.

I have a Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse. I really like the two thumb buttons it has. I’ve got really big…hands and it’s well suited for someone my size.