New feature for un-closed vb tags?

In this post, Homebrew bolds my name and forgets to include the backslash in the closing tag. In the thread (and in my preview after I quoted his post), my name comes up un-bolded with both “**” tags clearly visible.

What gives? It never worked this way before, did it?
It’s doing it again! I previewed the above portion of this post without inserting the escape trick into the “**” just to see what would happen, and it failed to bold the rest of the post as I had expected. I know this is at least moderately recent.
Anybody know anything?

It must be a new feature in vBulletin 2.2.8. I never noticed that before.

See what I mean? That’s new, right? That’s going to save a lot of work for mods, I remember whole sections of posts being accidentally bolded or italicized and people constantly requesting that mods fix it for them as of like, a month ago at the earliest. When did we upgrade to 2.2.8? Do we frequently do sub-version upgrades (is that what they’re called?)?

Not that that’s the kind of thing I think mods should spend their time doing. So this is great because now nobody will even ask.

jdavis did the upgrade at the same time that the server hardware was upgraded. Version upgrades are not done frequently.

I guess I should probably have realized that. But I’d have thought we’d have noticed it by now. I am really excited over this change. I like it a lot.

Do we not get a readme file with the new version detailing minor changes like this? I’d love to read it if there is one.

You could possibly find something if you poke around the vBulletin website.

bold testing underway here.


…a quote test as well.


Gee, I noticed this right away. I can say with pretty good certainty that it’s been this way since the last big upgrade, which I guess was around March 2002?

This feature has been in there for a while.

The vBulletin forums have a complete listing of every single bug fixed and feature added for each and every sub-version, along with hundreds of thousands of posts of people praising, discussing, debating, arguing, bitching, and moaning about them.

Another “duh” from me. Thanks for the pointers, Arnold Winkelried, Achernar, and Anthracite.