New 'Fork McCain' thread

The current ‘Is McCain Forked Yet’ thread in Great Debates is currently 22 pages long.

Since there will only be a lot more postings in that thread over the next month, I am requesting that thread be closed, and another similar one be started.


I closed it down; feel free to start a new thread with a link to the old one.

Um, shouldn’t the actual OP of that thread be the one requesting that? Can you request other people’s threads get closed now?

Mods, at their own discretion, can close a thread anytime they wish. Hopefully, they do it because it’s a good idea. Whether the “good idea” is discovered by the mod independently, occurs to the OP, or is observed by someone else entirely, is secondary to the need to perhaps close the thread and start a new one.

I’ll go start another one. Thanks!