New Game: Mallspeak Translation!

I hope this works.

Each person gets to translate the previous phrase into Mallspeak and then provide a phrase for the next person. Perhaps this will not be as easy as it sounds, because Mallspeak may or may not have words for any concept more complex than clothes, movies or music.

Lemme try one translation to see if it works:

English: I really like Sting’s latest CD.
Mallspeak: I am like all into this new CD by some, you know, old guy. It’s like SO not boring.

(Hey, I better cut this out. I’m beginning to like it.)

New English phrase: I hope Futurama is not pre-empted by election coverage again.

[Sorry, pugluvr but not everone speaks Mallspeak]
This is your sentence in Hacker (hckr)

Next phrase: (Translate from oldscratch’s original)
"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. What have you done, that seemed like a good idea and you know regret? "

Okay, well I like thought it could be cool, but I didn’t really. You know, how you just do stuff sometimes, like that one really bad guy I dated. Anyway, so like have you guys ever just done something and then, like when you really thought about it later realised it was pretty loser?

New phrase:
I want finals to be over so I can go home.

Well since I was invoked by a newbie, I really must respond…

Yaknow, I like really hella like dilike finals. and stuff. I hellas can’t wait for them to end… My ummmm like math finals are like hella hard and stuff. When they kinda end, I’ll be able to like go and stuff, home.

I like this guy, but I don’t know if he likes me? How do I find out?