New GEICO commercial - Dogs and cats

Do dogs chase cats?

OK, this one’s pretty funny. I like this. And believe me, they could use some insurance.

Anyone know what movie it’s from?

Dogs and Cats is the best one yet. GEICO’s commercials are usually pretty good.

Pretty sure it’s Bullit.

That is so completely awesome! I love it! The fake backdrop and obvious prop car for the closups, the 70’s muscle cars skidding and flying over the camera, everything!

I love this commercial, but it’d be better if the dog had a siren on his car.

Apparently, this video is unavailable in my country. That seems odd as it I assume it’s only a TV spot for Geico.

The music is the best part.

Bullitt-esque, but not Bullitt. Can’t help identifying the movie or TV show beyond that (or at least not the car chase in Bullitt).

Toonces!!! Noooooooo!!!

Great user name/post combo.

Great commercial too.

I laughed so hard the first time I saw this. It’s the best one yet, IMO.

its the ‘expressions’ on the faces that get me - that Dog has such a determined look about him…

That Darn Cat!

It would be funny, if the band Holy F*ck hadn’t already done this 5 months ago, using the original Bullit footage for their song “Red Lights:”

Hope they got paid.