New Host for The Price Is Right

Hi Everyone!

How close is CBS to choosing a new host for The Price Is Right?

Once the new host is chosen, when will the reruns stop and the new shows start?

The new season doesn’t start till fall, so it will probably be another month or so before they announce the new host. Thank god Rosie has taken herself out of the running.

Where were you, kitemaker_chuck, in May when I tried to build a kite?

I smell further exposure for Ryan Seacrest.

Please no.

I bid 37 days.

Whoever comes closest without going over…

You know, I’d have to say, that after considering all of the likely possibilities (personality types or other game show hosts that would meld with the current format) I think I like Ellen DeGeneres for the host. I think her personality would fit perfectly.

She doesn’t need the job – her talk show is doing extremely well.

I like George Hamilton, who apparently really is in the running.

I know that, but I still like the fit.

I don’t think Hamilton has the personality for it. Whoever replaces Bob is going to have to have a Rosie(yech!) or DeGeneres personality.

Jack Black has the personality, but too much of the everyman look.

Weird Al!

I don’t know.

I actually think he’d be good at it. I think that being a “host” is sort of a dying art, you know, someone who can be mildly funny and charming while doing a job that’s really not all that exciting, and fairly repetitious. Barker was great at it, and I think Seacrest is pretty good at it, too. I actually think they should get him to host the Oscars, and forget about trying to have comedians do it. Maybe the host shouldn’t really be part of the show…they should just be adept at moving it along.

ETA: Ellen would be great, too…I agree she has the personality for it. But I don’t see why anyone would give up a successful talk show to do a game show…the talk show has to be much more interesting and challenging.

Chuck Barris
Wink Martindale
Ed Lange
Bob Eubanks
Richard Dawson
Peter Marshall

I think that guy from Seinfeld, the one who won the dancing show, whose name I can’t be arsed to look up, would be great at it.

I do, too! I think Hamilton is a real kick and I think he would appeal more to the show’s established demographic. I’m wondering, though, just how much that show pays. Hamilton is very wealthy and I’d imagine the payoff would have to be quite large for him to tie himself down with it…unless they tape a week’s worth of shows in one day or something.

John O’Hurley. He’s my second choice.


What kind of kite were you trying to make?
My kites are usually traditional single-line kites, though I have three rotor-kites (they’re nice contraptions that need two lines, though I don’t make rotor kites myself.) One of my rotorkites is what’s called an autogyro kite (which I bought back in 1985 through the Edmund Scientific Catalog.)
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Anyhoo, as far as the kites I make…

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Maybe we could open a kite thread (or line) on the Straight Dope!

Tell me something about the kite you’re making–I’d LOVE to hear about it!
Kitefully yours,
(Chuck Anderson)

Thank you, twicks! Once again my laziness goes unpunished. :slight_smile:

He’s currently starring in “Spamalot” here in Vegas, so probably not this season. Unfortunately.

To stop the hijack -

As much as I love Ellen DeGeneres, I can’t see her hosting the price is right. Bob Barker had a sort of timeless quality to him. Maybe I’m just scared of change, but I like the idea of someone who will dress and act formally. That doesn’t necessarily mean the next person has to be old and overly tan, instead be witty, reserved, pushy with the indecisive types and sweet to little old ladies.

Bob is very courtly, that’s true. But the thing I like about Ellen is that she sort of has that middle america-friendly kind of demeanor. She just seems so…nice, like she could be your best friend or your fun neighbor. I think she would make the contestants feel at ease.