New IMGBB Account

I just created a new IMGBB account, with the hope of sharing photos from it on this, and other message boards. So far, I cannot seem to share photos (on another message board).

But let’s start with square one: can you see the photo in this link? It’s of a recent snowy day in Detroit. I guess I’ll take if from there.

BTW, anyone know anything else about IMGBB? How do you use it? Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes I can see it.

I see it.

Here’s something weird about imgBB. They make it a little tricky to link directly to images. I like to right-click the image and select “open image in new tab,” or the equivalent in your browser of choice, and that’ll get you the actual direct link, free of extraneous stuff.

Meanwhile, posting the embed link THEY want you to use gives us this:

Discourse does not like truncated URLs.

I cannot see it. The page stalls out and doesn’t show anything. Is there a bandwidth limit?


And the hint provided by @Johnny_Bravo is a good 'un.
That’s my SOP to post my ImgBB stuff on SDMB.

I see the image just fine.

On my browser (Edge) I right-click the image, choose “Copy image link”, and then if I paste that link here it does this:

Seems to work just fine.