New Jersey Governor resigns

At least thats what I am hearing. No idea why at this point. Supposed to be a news conference at 4pm.

More details here. I’m waiting for the “live feed” from the news conference to start.

detail Here is some more . Or speculation you decide. Sexual misconduct with a man. Not his wife of course.

So we’ll have Governor Rich Codey now, huh?


Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…

So he’s resigning because he’s gay, or because he had an affair with a man? Which one is he afraid will be more scandalous?

God, I feel so sorry for his wife.

From what I heard (the audio was a little warbly when the feed would pause), because he had an affair and the resulting scandal and innuendoes. He’s also apparently relieved to finally be out of the closet.

I once seriously dated a guy who later came out as being gay. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for both people in a couple to deal with, especially if the gay/lesbian in the couple was honestly repressing their real desires only to sadly realize late that they were mistaken.

Silly question, what’s the difference between this and what Clinton did? Besides doing it with a dude of course, which I could care less about.

It has always been sort of an open secret that he was gay. The problems are he was lying the whole time. He tried to hire his boyfriend as the homeland security advisor even though he had no qualifications. Add that to the scandals surrounding him but not directly touching him and you get a resignation.

There is a lawsuit coming. My guess is that this is the tip of the iceburg. If it was just “I’m gay” I doubt he would be resigning.

Holy. Crap.

I’m a political reporter. I’ve seen a lot of things in my job.

I have never, ever, seen anything like that. A governor coming out of the closet on national TV, admitting to an affair on national TV, and announcing his resignation.

As one of my colleagues said, though, “I’ve never seen a politician be that honest.”

We were all gathered around the TV and as soon as it dawned on us what was happening, jaws crashed to the floor all around and people were audibly gasping. Now that was some riveting television.

I really, really hope his kids are at an age where they can handle this though.

His youngest daughter is two or three. I don’t know how old the one is from his first marriage.

Rumor has it that a sexual harassment suit against the governor may be what prompted the admission and resignation. (No, I have no cite for that. It’s just the rumor I’ve heard.)

See post #3 for a cite.

Clinton lied in front of a grand jury.

-Munch (D-Ind.)

:rolleyes: I guess thats as close to honesty as you can get for a politician.

I am sitting here in Englewood, New Jersey in total shock. :eek:

Wow. Just. Wow.

Well, it appears that I did not dream it up.

I am aware that Richard Codey becomes Governor to fill the term. Any predictions as to whom the Dems nominate to replace him in 2005?

Sen. Jon Corzine… and he has the money to scare anyone else off, including credible Republican challengers.

It has been a widely known fact for years that he is gay. Wife and child are props for political advancement. I’m sure when more people check in here from North Jersey, they will say the same thing.