New Job DubDope?

ok, lame excuse… but I promised Damhna a nother drink fest before he left the country again.

Who’s up for a few drinks this weekend? Sunday would be a good time for me. So, who can make it?

I’ll be out of contact netwise until monday, but I’ll ring Yoji over the weekend to figure it out.

Ronan? Hibernicus? Damhna? Enzo? Ruadh? Michilin? Pergau? Buler? Buler?

I can make it. Sun night is alright but I’m not staying late as I start a new job on Mon. and since my new bosses post here they’ll know what I was up to. Actually they might even turn up :wink:

Anyway folks lets cut through the whole where are we going crap that usually goes along with this stuff and say Thomas Reads at 8pm Sun. (trying to be decisive for the new job :slight_smile: )

Anybody agree / disagree ?

I don’t think I can make this one, Twisty.

Yee Hah! My first time ever to meet any of you guys face-to-face (unless it turns out one of you is actually my cousin or something)! I’m in.

Thos Reads at 8 on Sunday. And I’ll quickly know if I regret buying my tickets for Amsterdam already.

It’s going to be fun guessing who you are!

If you want to spoil your fun there’s a decent pic of us both on this page Free Website Building Software | Create a Website - Homestead

and a lot of the Euro gang can be found at

Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I’ll just give this a bump as I’m going out now for a few pints and won’t be able to do it later :slight_smile:

I can make it. Where is it?

Hi Ruadh. Reads is on the corner of Dame Street and Parliament Street, right opposite City Hall. Got that?

Just turn your back to Trinity College, walk half a mile along Dame Street, and it’s on your right. See you there.:slight_smile:

Cool, at least it’s not O’Neils ruadh :wink:

Reads as hibernicus said is on the corner. It has mainly a glass front. It’s inter-connected to to The Oak so we should be able to get a seat somewhere is there.

Cya tomorrow.

Ahhhhh…damiitttttt all to hell.

Missed the thread.

I posted this at a time when I saw that you had replied to something!!!
next time gadget, next time… :wink:

Ill wear my shin pads so shall I?

BTW Congrats on the Job thing.
You there at the moment?

No, not yet. one week left to go in Soulcrushers, inc. before starting my new Job. Yoji started his job today, but I am yet to recieve a mail from him about it. he is probably in the middle of an “induction”. ha. ha. bwahahahaha.

Did anyone take pictures?

I just put two new pics up from DubDope1.

I just wanted everyone to know that, because I haven’t had enough attention/adulation today. :wink:

Lets all send Yoji good vibes then.

If you’ve ever been through an induction you’ll know the biggest problem he’s likely to face.

All Chant together

“Just Stay Awake a little longer”
“Just Stay Awake a little longer”

Slacker. you just don’t want to see an efficent, UNARMED police force protecting you while you walk the streets of Dublin. :wink:

I think I saw Mr Larrigan sitting with a pint of lager in one of those photo’s – that can’t be his. Surely not ???

And Yikes ! I just came across a photo of me on that misc.links page, isn’t that some kind of breach of something. Taters, you using photoshop to snip images ?

Hope it went well today, yojimbo - and good luck to the lager lad for next week !!
p.s. Anyone notice a new poster by the name of ‘DingDong’ ? - I’m outraged !

Ack! I asked you if it was okay, remember? Or maybe I imagined I did. I do that sometimes. But you are in the place of honor, your face is keeping the spot where my belly button pic is supposed to go warm!

You did! – I’m hopeless. Sorry, sorry, sorry for not remembering. Probably back when I was on the tablets :wink:

Got to say I can barely pronounce ‘intoxicable’ sober, must be a hell of a job after a few glasses of the black stuff. And don’t worry about the belly button shot, it’s firmly inprinted (together with those shorts !).

Don’t look at me, I didn’t name those DubDopeFests! And I’m still a little put out that DopedDoperDope has been vetoed.

And I’m not trying to be pushy, but do you know where you are staying in A’dam? I want to go ahead and book before the week is out, so we can concentrate on figuring out how I’m going to get all this liquor across the border. God bless the Canadians and their tax-free booze!