Dublin dopers, care to meet up for a quiet drink?

Also known as Octoberdope - in training.

In about a week and a half I will be in the fair city of Dublin with my family after attending my cousin’s wedding. Perfect time to meet some of the Dublin dopers for “a few quiet drinks”* or something.

So, Twisty, Yojimbo, Hibernicus, ruadh and everyone else care to show me your fair city?

I will be there from the afternoon of Wednesday 29th until the morning of Friday 31st. I could meet people on either Wednesday or Thursday (prolly wednesday for preference for me).

I will be staying in a place on Lower Gardiner Street, so if anyone knows anywhere good to meet and a few nice drinking establishments we could have a nice, quiet night.

What about it?

[sub]*For legal reasons I must point out that a truly accurate description of the drunken debaurchery cannot be published on a family board such as this[/sub] :smiley:

Either Wednesday or Thursday is fine for me.

A “quiet” drink with these lads, though? hahahahaha :smiley:

Wednesday or Thursday.

[John Inmam]
I’m free
[/John Inman]

Bumpity Bumpity

I don’t see a problem with Wednesday night.

Quiet Drinks? With Ruadh? :wink:

:sneaks in another quick bump:

Didst thou not read the disclaimer? I am fully expecting a night (or two) of much drinking and loutish behaviour.

I have found out when I will be in town and when I will be leaving. It turns out I can do either Wednesday, Thursday or both, since we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn on Friday. So if anyone can’t make one day or the other, I can do both.

Any more takers?

Any of you three know any good places to meet? I get into Dublin about 4pm, so once I am settled in (shouldn’t take too long) I can come straight out.

Rick :slight_smile:

Sadly, I’ll be living in Sweden at that time (well, I’m not sad about living in Sweden, but I’ll be sorry to miss this).

But I’m pleased not to be forgotten, considering how quiet I’ve been here lately.

Okay, please disregard everything in my last post (well, most of it anyway).

It has just come to my attention that I will be living in Ireland, not Sweden (you can see where I got confused).

I will therefore be very pleased to meet RickQ and my fellow Dopers.

And while we’re on the subject, is Ukelele Ike around? Is anyone meeting him this Sunday on his return from the west?

Sweden, Ireland, easy to see how you could get them confused :wink:

Dunno about Ike, did anyone meet him last Wednesday? I’m in Belfast this weekend, but I’ll be back at some point on Sunday - if there’s a plan to meet up, somebody let me know …

I left a message in Ikes hotel but he heard nothing. His schedule seemed pretty tight so it’s no surprize.

RickQ I can meet up around 7 on Wed.

…sign me up.
That would be next Wednesday as opposed to tommorow right ?

Who wants to kick off the debate on the location?

Next wednesday, not tomorrow night. I shall be in the fair county of Galway tomorrow, supping pints.

Ah, the eternal debate of where to start drinking.

I vote for the Dawson Lounge.

Dawson Lounge => Keoghs => Brussells => McDaids => Grogans => Thomas Reids => Turks Head => Hospital :wink:

you forgot O’Neills!!

:: ducks & runs from an angry, angry Ruadh ::

O’Neills is OK. I think I’ll slip away quietly before you guys go to Turks Head though :slight_smile:

That itinerary sounds good to me. Although I am going to try and miss the hospital stop :smiley:

I’ll find out exactly what time I will be in town, then we can talk about meeting times. How are you all fixed for meeting times?


So when are you coming to Sweden? And where are you going?

I’m free after 5.30.

hey ruadh, while you up in the dark north remeber to hit robinson’s or the globe for me. i’d suggest you hit my usual haunts, but i don’t think the limelight and the kremlin are very you. (unless i’m very wrong, in which cae, all apologies)

have fun in dublin guys!

*Originally posted by Soda *

Hi Soda,

I’ll probably be living in Malmö from early September. I will either be starting work with Sydkraft on 10 September, or possibly 1 October, and work through to Christmas.