Dublin Dopers - around next week?

My trip is back on. I’ll be in Dublin from Tuesday morning to Thursday lunchtime. Anyone fancy food + beers Tuesday and Wednesday nights?

PS Can anyone recommend any decent central hotels? Not the posh ones. I’ve been recommended the Harcourt Hotel since it does corporate discounts.

I’ll be working 13-14 hour days next week, so beers are pretty much out for me. Any possibility of Wednesday lunch?

I’ll have to check - think I might be working lunchtimes.

Oh, any ideas on hotels?

Grrr next week isn’t great for me. I may turn up if some thing is organised but I couldn’t guarantee anything at the moment.

My grandmother is at deaths door and I’m basically waiting for a phone call. She may last an hour or she could last a week so I can’t make any plans until I know what happening as I’m up in the hospital a lot etc. :frowning:

Hopefully I can get to see you.

Sorry, Crusoe, I know nothing about hotels here, owing to the fact I’ve never stayed in one.

No worries yojimbo, it sounds like you’ve got a lot more on your plate than a beer would solve - hope it’s not too painful.

Crusoe, I’m around next week, sounds good to me.

We often put people in here, it’s something like €100 a night but I have no idea if that’s cheap or dear for Dublin or for you for that matter.
Nice little stoll to where the action is and a nice fish and chip shop round the corner.

yojimbo - Chin up, my old sausage.

Cheers curly chick. I’ll take a look.

I’m about Tuesday, Wednesday I’m off to London

Yet again, cancelled at the last minute. If it happens at all it’ll be in a couple of weeks at the earliest. Sorry.

I was just thinking about bumping this thread to see what the story was.

My Gran passed away on Friday and is now buried so I would have been free.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Twisty - you around for Saturday’s event?

I never saw this thread before.

Let us know if your trip’s back on again.

Sorry to hear that, yojimbo. Next time sounds good.

Thanks Crusoe

I certainly am, will be there from about 4.30 onwards or so.

Hope it gets put off to January, when I’ll be working the hours of a normal human being again (briefly).

Who knows? Although January is already full for me. Love these service industry jobs…