New job! or "Does anyone want my nissan?"

The Mrs. just called my phone from her “horrible” workplace. She has been working as a receptionist at a doctors office since she graduated college, as a way to pay for stuff and also save a lttle money for this fall when she begins graduate studies.

She got a call today. The mental health clinic in town has hired her as a counselor. She will be making a little more (.90 more to be exact) and she will be working only 4 blocks from our home. Yay! No more long drives for her (the doctors office is 45 minutes away, at least) and a little more money…

this also means we are gonna be able to sell the Nissan, save a lil bit and get her a new vehicle. I am excited because this means I can also look for a job a little less stressful, such as looking into going back to my old job at the carry-out. I love life…yay!


Great news!


adding to my OP…Bosda is my hero!

Wow - a better job closer to home - a veritable double whammy! Very cool!

let’s see…if I take some of the money she saves on gas, and ya know, apply it to my life…I believe I can afford to become more than a guest? wow…life just gets better and better.
On top of everything, we went to Toro Loco (and it was great) and some kid rang up my Heineken wrong so the 12 pack was 10.99 plus tax…not bad at all…it is just my day!