New kitten, with pics

And I can admit, cute she is not. She has three settings, the whirling dervish of destruction, purring as loudly as a broken tractor and sweet or completely passed out.

Seeing as she was born on 4/20, I named her Hai. She seems to respond to it and runs over to me when I call her.
My husband calls her “the creature” because she’s so…un kitten-like. Her fur feels coarse and almost like a squirrel. She’s very strange and I just adore her.

She’s cute and with ears like that, I bet she can pick up Radio Free Europe :slight_smile:

Oooooh! So precious! She’s at that awkward pre-adolescent ears-too-big stage!

I think she’s beautiful. Especially that first picture.

Is TOO cute.

I think she will be beautiful, but right now she’s just odd. She photographs cuter than she is in person. She’s much ganglier and doesn’t have an ounce of kitten fluff on her anywhere. She looks like a really old cat, only much smaller. She makes up for her looks by being the clingiest snuggle wumpus I’ve ever met.

When I found her at the adoption place, she was just desperate that I not leave without her. Evertime I opened the cage, she’d wriggle out. It felt like she was picking me.

“It might be dangerous to go alone, but I’m having second thoughts about you taking me, too.”

LOL. Yes, that’s my son, making a small ball of cat.

Aww, I disagree–she’s adorable! I love little girl tabbies with big ears. :slight_smile:

I love her! Tabbies are very special. Mine is the smartest cat I know.

Well of course her fur feels different, that’s what you get with a cabbit. :smiley:

Cute, but you’re right: she’s the most adult-looking kitten I’ve ever seen. My cat has big ears, though, so I appreciate the look :slight_smile:

Clearly she is steeped in ancient evil. My kind of cat.

She’ll be a beautiful tabby, and she’ll grow into those ears. Congratulations from an unconditional tabby fan.

Awww. Cats.

:: falls over from the cute ::

Ur cat r LOL

What do you mean – she’s adorable?!

Awww. Bat ears!

Yes, of course she was picking you. She had chosen her person. It’s always best to let the cat pick you, I think.

Give her an extra cuddle for me, and maybe a belly rub, too. I bet she’s lots of fun.

She had a traumatic night. She was playing on our “balcony” and fell off last night. It’s only about a six foot drop and she’s perfectly fine. She cried to let us know she wasn’t where she was supposed to be, and stayed put until our teenaged son could dash around the house and collect her.

She also rediscovered her favorite place to sleep, right up against me, under the comforter.

We’re also still working on manners around here. Climbing screens or people, clawing furniture, biting, and trying to steal people food are entirely unacceptable. Thankfully, it hasn’t occured to her to try and get on the kitchen counters, another thing that is not allowed around here. She’s getting better.