New Kitty!!!!

Before you all moan, pictures will be on tonight, but I’m kind of bursting with this, so I’m posting now.

You may remember a while back, I had to put Erica to sleep. I knew, I knew there’d be a new cat soon, I wasn’t expecting it to be this fast, but this just jumped into my lap.

Natalie is the daughter of a good friend. She works for Dr. Warren, and knew I’d be looking. She calls yesterday and I just knew what she wanted. She asked if I was looking for a male (yes), and an orange cat (yes, partial to orange cats, long story). :deep sigh::

Yes, Natalie, I am and what do you have?

She says she’ll show me if I can drop by the office, but the short version is there’s a kitten that the people who brought him in can’t keep and they want him to find a good home. Well, people have commented that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, that they’d like to return as a cat in my house, so I guess I’m good to the kids.

I agree to drop by, and made it there around 5.

Walk to the back room, and find a lady, bawling her eyes out holding the tiniest little orange cat you ever saw.

Here’s the story:

This lady found the cat hiding under some trash in her yard, nearly dead. It’s too small to be away from mom, and mom is nowhere to be seen. She takes the cat and runs to Dr. Warren. He and his amazing staff literally save the kids life. According to Warren, this fella was probably hours from just leaving us.

Over the past 4 days, he’s been anti-biotic’d, fed, flea bathed, ear mited, pampered, spoiled and brought back to being a relatively happy little fella again.

Since he’s well enough now to live in a home, Dr. Warren called the lady that brought him in. She can’t take him, she has 4 already and husband put his foot down. So Natalie called me.

The lady hands Natalie the cat, who turns and put him in my hand. Literally, one hand. She says Doc estimates he’s about 4 weeks, not yet weaned, but healthy as can be expected. The little guy settles into my hand, and lets me stroke him under his chin. It’s not purring, it’s more of a relaxed tremble.

Natalie says he needs the milk feeding through a dropper about every few hours during the day.

I work 1.4 miles from home, I can do that…next?

The other cats could seriously hurt him til he’s big enough to run, or defend himself, maybe the next few weeks or so.

Got a spare room he can live in when we’re not home…next?

Lady asked me if I like cats?

Uh, yeah…I’m a cat guy.

While we’re talking, I’m telling the people about our current cats, Scarlett and Marty, and how the house needs some livening up, cat-wise. As I say this, I look down at the boy and say “…and I’m counting on this guy to raise a little hell around the place…”. He looks me straight in the eye while I say this, rolls his head over into my hand and you can just hear him thinking “oh, yeah, I can DO that”

Natalie took him home last night, I was going to a ball game and couldn’t then. I said my best chance to get him would be Friday after work, Natalie says she’ll take care of him til then.

So…I meet the bus wife at the ball game. Big stupid grin on my face.

“What did you do?”

“I feel like a good person today dear, doing a good deed. Earlier I felt guilty about making a decision before consulting with you, but that’s passed, and now I just feel good”

“You got a cat.”

Yeah, I’m that transparent.

So spend the time at the game telling her all about the little guy, and we’re picking names. She wants to get him tonight - no waiting for Friday, bring him home NOW so we can start taking care of him.

By tonight, when he’s home, I’ll have pics and try to post them here.

As for names, well we’re sports fans, and Chicago-ish in nature, so we’ve tossed around a couple like Butkus, Ozzie, Fergie and Payton. Also under consideration is Cuervo (he’s the color of a fine gold tequila).

So, tonight after I get home, and the wife gets home, we’ll run to Natalie’s, talk about all his special needs and take the kid to his new place.

Imagine me, adopting an abandoned orphan. Go figure.

Good on you! Og rewards those who save kittens.

I cannot wait to see a pic!

What a great story and what a lucky lil’ baby!

From my mostly-rescued group: “thank you”" thank you" “thank you”" thank you" “puuurrrrrrrrrrrr” “thank you”. Orange cats rock! Many of the vets I have worked for say bottle raised kittens are a little weird, but I prefer to think they are “just a little more in touch with their inner human.”

Please post pictures soon - my youngest is almost 2 and I am in serious need of a kitten fix.

I need to be cheered up. Show me kitty pics!

A kitty fix to keep you going until **bus guy ** gets his posted:

Pixel by a very dusty printer

Havoc reads The Dope

Good morning!

Great story. Thanks.

An update:

We have chosen the name: Cuervo

A comment was made that after all he’s been through just to get here he needs a tough name.

And not only does it match his color, but Cuervo has kicked my ass so many times, that I sincerely respect it’s toughness.

Pics tonight.

Congrats to you , Mrs Bus Gal and little Cuervo. That was my favorite of the names you had chosen !

>anxiously awaiting the promised pictures…<

Plus, you get Karma Points!! :smiley:

You absolutely must take pictures of him next to a bottle of Cuervo over the next few months, to show how he’s growing. One with him being fed with the eyedropper with a bottle of Cuervo in the background would be funny, too.



waits impatiently

While silenus’s kitty pics were cute, it is now night (where I am, at any rate) and I have been promised pictures of Cuervo, who sounds amazing. Great story!

::taps foot impatiently::


I went out to dinner with friends in an undercooled resturant and was anxious to get home because there would be kitty pics! Quervo Pics! I get home and there are no kitty pics.

>>droops with disapointment<<

Lovely. Just damn lovely. Keeties! I kees you!

Dang, give a guy a chance…

So, we got the boy home. He is in quarantine in the upstairs bathroom until he’s big enough to give blood to make sure there are no infectious diseases for the other two can catch. Probably a couple weeks the doc thinks. He’s still a wee-bit wheezy from a lingering but fading URI, I have antibiotics, de-wormy stuff, prescription can food and formula.

Here you go…and learn some patience!!! Or I’ll wake you all up for his 3 am feeding!

Waiting at natalie’s to come home

Also still at Natalie’s

Getting ready to get out of the car

Where the hell am I?

Sneezy Cuervo

All that driving made him a Hungry Man

Cute little booger, eh? I’m going to be a bit worried if the wheezing doesn’t get better, but Nat says it’s already better than yesterday, so I gotta believe. He eats and doesn’t complain about getting his meds though, so that seems good.

Ok, time for a visit.

Oh, and Anne, that’s the idea of the day, somewhere here I believe I do have a nice bottle of gold…

New leetle keety! I kees you too! Mwah! Mwah!

He is a cutie! Lucky kitty, lucky people.

Oh, he’s so young he’s still got blue eyes! >>heaves large sigh for kittybabies with blue eyes<<

The fact that he’s eating is a really good sign. Sick kittens often don’t have the strength to eat, so they get worse. You’ll know he’s really better when he starts fighting that awful pink stuff. He looks like a love, and I’m sure he’s going to grow into a handsome fella. Heck, he’s already a handsome fella!

Blessings to you and Mrs. bus guy for giving him a home.

And thanks for the pictures - they were worth the wait.

Do I have to get up for the 3am feeding now?

Well, no you’re excused. But I may post then just because I’ll be up.

He eats, not voraciously but enough that I know he wants to. The Nutri-Paste (?) stuff will help. Years back, Ernie (The Best Cat Ever) had liver failure and I remember having to feed him with a syringe, and giving him that paste. It does something to help their appetite, but once he’s eating without prompting, I think it goes better. So long as he eats, gets some water and lets the antibiotics work I’m going to feel better.