New laptop...XP Pro. Where is my WLAN?

Some of you have followed me on my jourey to get a new laptop. Well I just purchased an HP Pavilion 5215.

It came with HP home. When I got it home I fired it up and she worked like a charm. I live close to a wireless hotspot so I took it there and connected. GREAT!!

Then I took it home and installed a complete load of XP Pro. No issues with the install. But now I cannot find my wireless LAN. There is no indicator beside the clock. When I go to My Network Connections there is nothing about WLAN. I can plug into my home CAT5 cable and get online, but I am stumped by the wireless situation under XP Pro.

Help a brother out.

Go to HP’s website and search for and download drivers for the wireless card. Odds are, since Home came preinstalled, the drivers were all put there by HP, but since you installed a new OS, it might not be able ot recognize the WLAN card.

There are five different variations of the Pavilion 5215 notebook on this page. If you click on the model that you have, you can follow the links to the drivers for your wireless card.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all of your help. I am posting wireless-ly now.

I know I have used up a fair share of my OP allotmetn on buying and getting this computer working. I just want to say I appreciate all of the knowledge you guys have, and your willingness to help.

That’s not to say I may not have another question soon… :cool:

You may have already done this, but if you haven’t please enable your wireless security settings. Set the levels to WPA at a minimum. If these aren’t set people can (wirelessly) crawl all over your network

As another thing you may want to do, connecting your notebook (wirelessly) to the printer connected to your PC is something you may find useful

connect wirelessly to my printer?


You would need either a printer that already comes with some kind of WLAN access, or get a print server that is either wireless and plug it into the printer, or a hardwired print server and connect it to the wireless router and printer.

Here are some print servers. A bit pricey, though. Not worth the money for me, but it is for some people (and certainly worth it for any commercial network like a small to large business or schools.)

You can get a print server box (there are both USB or parallel port types) for $ 60-100 or so that will allow wireless printing to any attached printer. The more common scenario, however, is if you have a printer currently attached to a desktop unit, and that desktop unit is attached to the wireless router/hub, you can set the printer to be “shared” in the desktop’s printer control panel. This will allow the notebook to use the desktop’s connection to print though the desktop directly to the printer. This involves no additional expense, but does require that the desktop be powered up and attached to the printer.

The following is from memory, so hopefully I haven’t left out a step.

1: You need to enable this feature first and reboot.

2: Then, right click on the desired printer (to be shared) icon in the desktop control panel’s printer & faxes applet, you will see the tab for sharing. Activate sharing. Make sure the option is set for it to share printer drivers.

3: Then go to the notebook and choose add printer - choose add network printer and have it search for available shared network printers. The printer shared by the desktop should pop up after a bit. Select this, the drivers will transfer over (may take a minute). Once activated print a test page to confirm connection and you’re good to go.