New Magnum PI (w/link)

A new Magnum movie is in the works (as far as I can tell)

George Clooney? Whats wrong with the tom meister?

I say we of the straight dope can cast this ill advised feature.

My suggestions (jokingly)

Magnum-Paul Rubens
TC-Chris Tucker
Higgens-Jim Carrie

Actually, my ideal cast for the movie would be:

Magnum: Matt McConaughy
Rick: Steve Zahn
TC: Ving Rhames
Higgens: Kevin Spacey

And it looks like Rawson Marshall Thurber will write/direct.

How about this:

Magnum - Tom Selleck
Higgins - John Hillerman
TC - Roger E. Mosley
Rick - Larry Manetti

That’s the way it should be!

Well, if George plays Magnum as well as he did Batman. we are guaranteed to never have to suffer through Magnum P.I. II.

Well, at least without Schumacher the Hawaiian shirts won’t have molded nipples…

If he’s as big a fan as the article says, he would obligated to NOT take the role.

Confession time: Magnum, p.i. is my favorite show. Ever.

You know how the Tolkien fan-boys screeched about every change Jackson wrought on Middle Earth? That’s nothing compared to the howls of outrage emanating from Chez jsgoddess if this movie goes forward. In other words, please Og, no.

Don’t give them any ideas.

Seriously, WTF is with this business of serious adaptations of old TV shows? The Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch Movie, and Starchky and Hutch films at least had some merit in having fun with the dated attitudes and peculiar blind spots of the original shows. They’re not really my bag but I can understand why people find them funny. But what’s the value in a Magnum P.I., or Miami Vice retooling? Those shows exist in their particular time; to make them successful cinematic efforts is going to require ejecting or reworking key stylistic and background elements; for instance, it’s not going to make much sense to have George Clooney playing a Vietnam veteran. (I guess they’ll make him a Desert War vet or something. :rolleyes: ) Miami Vice, a show that existed only to combine MTV-style editing and pop music with flashy cars and gunfights, doesn’t even have enough substance to merit an update; maybe it’ll be a good movie (Mann’s done some good and bad) but the only reason for entitling it Miami Vice is for the marketing hook.

Color me unimpressed and unlikely to even pay attention to reviews of these films. And when they get around to ripping of a Rockford Files movie, I’m going to take a long hike in the Sierras and consider whether I want to rejoin civilization.


No one has been cast yet, including George Clooney. In fact, Brian Glazer (Producer) wants Tom Selleck, and I assume, the other original cast members!

There is still hope!

It’d be funnier like this:

Magnum- John Hillerman
Higgins- Roger E. Mosley
TC- Larry Manetti
Rick- Tom Selleck

Well actually, they could reunite George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube, who were in Three Kings together as soldiers during Desert Storm.

[Highlander]There can be only one![/Highlander]

Even if Tom Selleck were dead and buried, they should exhume the body and cast him as Magnum before they choose Clooney. The acting would be way more believable and Tom would still outrate him in the sexy department

I don’t know; Clooney’s turned out to be a pretty good actual actor in the last few years. I can’t rate in on the sex appeal of one versus the other, but the chicks seem to dig Clooney. I just think the entire concept is flawed. If you want to make a film about a playboy detective running around Hawai’i, then call him “Dirk Mugglethorp” or “Ching Le Foo” or “Cousin What” or something.

It’s just a way of marketing what will inevitably be a mediocre and pointless film. I guess I should be happy about that; I won’t even have to read the reviews to know how they’ll read.


ok - how about an estrogen based cast:

Magnum - Jennifer Hetrick (but picture her as Vash from the ST:TNG episode Qpid)
Higgins - Dame Judi Dench
TC - Queen Latifah
Rick - Christina Applegate

Magnum: Jerry Seinfeld
Rick: Jason Alexander
TC: Michael Richards
Higgins: Jerry Stiller
Robin Masters: Julia Louis Dreyfuss

or, Quentin Tarantino’s version-

Magnum: John Travolta
Rick: Scott Baio
TC: Samuel Jackson
Higgins: Sir Ian McKellen
Robin Masters: Bernard Fox

Soul Brotha’s Magnum:

MagnumLawrence Fishburne

Higgins Richard Roundtree or Eddie Murphy

TC (token other race guy) The Rock. ( Dwight Whatever)

Rick Chris Rock

Hong Kong Fu-ey Magnum

Magnum: Jackie Chan

TC: Diedrich Bader (token white guy)

Rick: Jet Li

Blue Collar Magnum

Magnum PI- Jeff Foxworthy
Rick- Bill Engvall
TC- Bernie Mac
Higgins- Larry the Cable Guy (in several roles for Higgins’ multiracial/multinational half-brothers)
Robin Masters- John Grisham

Merchant/Ivory Magnum

Magnum- Anthony Hopkins
Rick- John Hurt
TC- Eamonn Walker
Higgins- Max von Sydow
Robin Masters- Helena Bonham Carter

Logo (Gay TV) Magnum

Magnum- Rupert Everett
Rick- Sean Hayes
TC- The Lady Chablis
Higgins- Ian McKellen
Robin Masters- Armistead Maupin

This is a travesty considering recent pics of Selleck (the 2005 SAG awards) show him as pretty much looking easily in shape enough to be Magnum. Shave off the goatee and keep the mustache and aside from some slight facial aging it’s just like it was 1980 all over again.

“Ooh, honey! Gettin’ this chopper down in there’s gonna be tighter than a high yella deb on prom night!”