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Hi There,

 Myself Jefferey new member of the forum just say hello to all.


Just a “heads up”…this thread may be moved…but , again, howdy!


Me Euty. Me big monkey man.

How the hell was Jeffery not a taken user name until just now??? that’s what I want to know!

And welcome! What brought you to the boards?

Moved from ATMB to MPSIMS.

samclem, moderator

Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
Welcome to the boards!

I wonder if ‘Bob’ is taken? Hey, Jefferey, tell Bob to get over here.

Dave’s not here.

How the fuck are you seven hours and twenty minutes ahead of me?

Welcome to the Straight Dope, Jeffery. And I must say I have never seen your name spelled with an extra “e”. If you can explain this anomaly I will exert my influence with the board’s discipline council to get you a bit of leeway in the required initiation proceedings. Maybe a little less time with the goat, for example. No promises, mind you.

When is Jeffrey not Jeffrey? When it’s Jefferey. I guess that’s one way to solve the eternal debate over where the “e” goes - it goes everywhere!

Well, that’s the rumour around the water cooler, anyway. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the boards, Jefferey! When come back, bring pie!

Looks like Jefferey is joining many forums. I’ll bet he’ll share some of his favorite websites soon.

Heh heh. You said “member.”

So long as he’s not another Josh.

Can we get “I survived JOSH” buttons made up?
It’d be nice if it matched my “Paterno Thread Survivor” badge.

In each of these forums, he gets asked to justify his “Myself Jefferey…hello to all.”

In the Chevy Cruze forum, someone immediately says “Welcome to the Forum. Do you have a Cruze?”. In the Sonic forum: “Welcome Jefferey, do you own a Sonic? :)” In the Sol forum the first reply is “Let’s see your Sol. :)”

Jefferey, why do you never reply to these nice people? Why do you never go back to any of these forums? If you’re going to ignore them, why bother introducing yourself?

Whenever I hear the name, the first thing that comes to mind is the Cosby bit. Welcome! (I think).

Is “Jefferey” your real name?

Tell us, Jefferey: Do you place your toilet-paper rolls going over or under?