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Is this an advertisement, then?

Don’t feel bad a week from now.

I’ve done this, too.


We’ve allowed other people to announce the formation of spinoff boards here, I’m going to let this thread sink or swim on its own merits.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

So just to be clear - you’re Casye Cho on the other board, right? I mean to say it’s your board.


Thank you for the clarification.

Take this advice with a grain of salt, as I am a lurker… but it might be beneficial to post some starter threads in the various forums. Right now it feels it’s a dance party where all the guys are on one side and all the girls are on the other - who makes the first move?

There’s just not much there to draw persons from an established board to a new one, as there’s no shared reason for a community to congregate there (ala Giraffe Boards or DoMeBo, two splinter boards). With no content behind it, it’s going to be hard to get off the ground.

What is your rationale for creating the board? What new thing do you bring that people will not be able to find elsewhere? Etc. :slight_smile:

Any particular reason you felt the need to report a thread that isn’t against the rules and then let us all know that you did it?

Don’t do it, it will ruin your life. Sure, you think it will start off as a simple lark but then next thing you know you can’t sleep and food doesn’t quite taste right and your hair is falling out in huge double handfuls and on the rare occasion you even manage to get an erection all you can think about is that grandma version of goatse someone emailed you.

I started a spin-off board a while back and now I literally can no longer walk. Literally.

It’s a death sentence.

He probably thought it was against the rules. When reporting something that you think is against the rules it’s polite to let everyone know that you’ve done so that way everyone doesn’t waste their time doing likewise.

In your 9 years on the board you haven’t figured out why people post “Reported” in threads? Because in my year here I’ve seen it dozens of times.

I honestly can’t imagine even thinking of reporting something as harmless as this thread, and posting that you did it seems like a grab for hall monitor points. YMMV.

A Giraffe that can no longer walk is a horribly sad thing to think of. You might well heed his advice.

To give an example, a forum to discuss more specifically various subject areas here largely grouped under “Great Debates” or “Cafe Society”.


I dunno…I’ve always read people saying “reported” being a way to let others know the thread was already reported, so the mods don’t get 100 of the same reported post.

This has nothing to do with whether or not this topic should have been reported, mind you, just how I take it when I read someone saying “reported” in general.

(Well, not really :wink: )

And I thought that threads whose sole purpose of promoting another board or non-SDMB-related thing was generally frowned-upon, if not actually prohibited.

What does Victorious Unity mean?