New moderator in General Questions -- GFACTOR

Gfactor is our new moderator, starting today.

We are quite pleased to have him as our newest go-to guy in General Questions.

Please be kind.


Err, I mean “Congratulations!”


I’m quite pleased as well but, like Tuba, I wouldn’t put it any stronger than that.

What size jackboots did he take?

Does it say something good or something bad that until I read this thread, I thought he already was a moderator?

He was already SDSAB, wasn’t he? I know I get “people with fancy titles” confused easily.

Yes, he was SDSAB before he became a moderator, he’s been one of our more prolific contributors to Staff Reports, which I hope continues.

Ah, he has gone over to the dark side of the Force. :smiley:

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Funny coincidence there. I fancy confused people with titles.

Just keep the checks coming and you’ll be fine. :smiley:

Prolific he is. :smiley:

Congrats, Gfactor. I figured it was only a matter of time.

Not only do they keep coming, but now you can supplement that income, on a commission basis, with the “$ per banning” system.

Not that I’m volunteering to be your first. :cool:

For your baptism by fire, howzabout I start a thread on the legality of making available, at my favourite file-sharing website, a recipe for hash brownies pulled out of a copyright book that I stole from the public library?

Sheesh! I KNEW we made a mistake.

Didn’t you learn in Mod 101. that we only take C-A-S-H? :slight_smile:

They’ll make anybody a moderator these days. Congratulations on your moderatorhood? moderatorship? moderization? Emodularity? Congrats on becoming a moderator.


Bienvenue, Gfactor !

Congratulations–Welcome to the exalted ranks of the Hall Monitors!

So if you get nailed by Gfactor it will be called a G-spot?

I know there must be some secret personal bet going on on that “other forum” to see which new mod gets the higher post count to his thread. I’m just doing my part to keep it close.