Some staff changes.

Xash has a spiffy new job and will no longer be able to help us out. We thank him for his exemplary service and hope that he’ll be able to at least visit from time to time.

He will be able to work with us on the last of the Charter Member renewals, so if you have something pending with him please do what you need to do, he’ll be able to help you on that.

(I’ll take it up from there, so talk to me if you have any questions/problems.)

And we have a new Administrator – Gfactor is our newest admin. He has a brand new pair of jackboots here so y’all give him a little time and space to figure out how to walk the runway with them.

Oh, man. xash, I wish you well in your new endeavor, but you surely will be missed as a mod.

Also, congrats on the new jackboots, Gfactor. :smiley:

I’m still waiting on a return PM regarding the whole Charter Member thing. Should I re-PM xash? Or PM you, Tuba? Or just hold my friggin’ water and someone will get back to me?

Congrats, Gdministrator! That xash guy was good, but you are da bomb!

What, Everybody Loves Raymond is going into syndication?

Thanks, xash, for everything… especially all the behind the scenes stuff that never gets noticed or appreciated.

Congrats, GFactor. If you were a horse I’d parlay you every time.

I replied to your email on May 7 with instructions. I’ll PM them to you now.

Adm… hey hey! someone stole my badge! Gfaptor, give it back dammit!

Just sent you email, Jack. Let’s talk.

xash my man, do remember to keep kicking ass! I’ll always be in your debt for providing me with the service in my signature (which I won’t actually show in this thread, it seems, not right).

Now in other news, GFactor does this mean your bribery rate has gone up? Or is this supposed to be discussed via PM?

Congrats, Gfactor. I’m sure you will do an exemplary job!

Reported. :slight_smile:

Ooh that’s a shame, xash – you’ve been very helpful and will most definitely be missed! Best of luck to you, and I hope your new job is both rewarding and fulfilling. Thanks for everything!

And all hail Gfactor. I sensed something was up when “Moderator” suddenly disappeared beneath the “50% less snark” in his user title. One of my favorite mods: reasonable, funny, and unflappable. Congrats and good luck to you, too!

I am really sorry this happened to you Gfaptor, my heart goes out to you and family. (If you ever want to talk, I’m here.)

You mean unfappable.

Speak for yourself! :smiley:

xash you were great, both moddily and technically. Thanks very much for the many benefits you brought to the boards. And congrats on the job.

How about boddily?

I for one welcome our new Gfapping overlord.

I’m **Gfaptor **and I’ve stolen this term.

I’m xash and I approve this massage.

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