Xash has left the building.

For quite a few years Xash has been our “Night Watchman” in General Questions – he was on when most of the other moderators were tucked away in their beds – and he has given most excellent service for all his time with us. We’ve been blessed to have him.

Xash has stepped down from moderation in GQ effective immediately. Y’all may see him around from time to time as an SDSAB member in good standing.

I hope you join me in wishing him all the best, always.

Thanks for your service xash, to the looney bin that is the night shift.

xash gave me my first smackdown on the Dope. (wipes tear)

We’ll miss you, man!

Don’t want to hang with us night shifters any more?

Sounds shifty.

Good luck going forward.

Thank you Xash. Your green light was always on during the night.

From my mail to the mod loop:

“For four long years, while all the other mods were snoring loudly in bed, the SDMB NightWatchman™ awoke half-way around the world to continue the fight against ignorance (the disease that America has been offshoring since 1973; and which now clearly is a global issue - as Ed says, “Ignorance travels faster than the speed of a headlight on a Japanese bullet train on a treadmill”. Or something to that effect)…”

It’s been a great ride, but I’m stepping aside as GQ Moderator this weekend. Not because I don’t love this gig, but because I’m going to have very little spare time over the next two years. I’ve quit my job to pursue a full-time MBA at the University of California, Irvine, starting next month. I’ll still be on the boards on and off as time permits; and if you guys are ever in a crunch I’d be more than glad to lend a hand if I can.

A special thanks to Larry and John for having held my hand in those early days. And to sam and Rico for having done most of the work. And to Jenny for her support always. And to Ed, for having shared his presence with me! And to you!

I’ll still pop in from time to time, and hope to contribute as a regular member.

Thank you all for an amazing experience!


*Someone * gets to keep their “cool” title.


Xash, thank you for the service, glad to hear you are finally getting a worthwhile degree ( :smiley: ) and keep on contributing here as you can! :slight_smile: Good Luck (Irvine’s a nice school, btw) :slight_smile:

Thanks xash. Keeping GQ ticking over is worthwhile and you did it without visible fuss.

Two side notes:
(1) any further thoughts about Indian small change? :wink:
(2) I wonder whether it was “Bombay” or “nightwatchman” that triggered the “choose the sex of your baby” google ads.

(edit: added wink)

Thanks, xash, and best of luck in your endeavors.

By the way, has anyone told Sam yet he has to move to Bangalore?

Thanks, xash. It was great working with you.

We were supposed to tell him first!?! Ah well, he’ll read the note once they let him out of the crate. :wink:

All best wishes for the M.B.A., Captain Vimes. Oops, Xash :slight_smile:

xash, thanks for a job well done.

Thanks, xash.

The thanks of a grateful nation…

Nah, that may be a little overdone. Let me think. hmm.

How about this: “Thank you, dear friends, for your quiet, but efficient presence next to the figure of the pope; thank you for your professionalism and also for the love with which you carry out your mission,” http://www.catholicnews.com/data/stories/cns/0702545.htm

Still a little flowery, and Cecil isn’t the Pope (he’s much cooler).

Oh the hell with it. Thanks xash, and good luck!

xash I’ve seen a lot of 'em come and go, and you are up there among the best! Good Luck!

Thank you, xash.

Thanks, xash. Please, no bitterness. Can’t we be friends?

There is a very large but silent constituency that might opine that dedicating one’s life to the battle against ignorance on the Internet supercedes the value of a simple M.B.A.

I’m just sayin’…


Congratulations, Xash. Many thanks for the time given selflessly and the care taken with us Dopers.


I hope you’ll still stay at the SDMB and post, xash.