New Money Making Idea For Jessica Simpson

This is hysterical. What wit & wisdom does she have?
I am not bashing the girl I am just wondering outloud.

Has anyone read her book? Comments on the book?

I can just see it now… “Happy 23rd birthday…but 23 is like, so old; it’s almost 25 and that’s like in your mid-twenties!”

IIRC, that’s one of the likely cards.

Have a super great birthday! But please remember the brutal and inhuman treatment faced by birthday candles all over the world. Don’t let more U.S. dollars go to the barbaristic flamolation of this beautiful species.


“The proceeds from this card go towards ensuring dolphin-safe chicken.”

Everytime you buy my cards, a buffalo gets its wings.

“Happy Bemirthday! … What? … It’s not ‘bemirthday’? I thought… are you kidding me? Stop, baby, don’t look at me that way, baby. I thought that… c’mon baby, stop it. How was I 'posed to know… quit it!..”

Thats probably why she’s doing it.