New "Monk" Episode Tonight 11/17 !?

In a strange bit of holiday programming, the USA cable chanel is showing a new Monk episode tonight: Mr. Monk Meets His Dad. Then, nothing until the new season begins in January.

A new season begins in January?! What will that be, season 6? I never understood why USA schedules Monk so oddly. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to make me miss it. And, once again, I’ll miss it tonight because I have no fancy shmancy recording device.

I think they did the same thing last season, dropping in a new holiday episode (though I swear it wasn’t aired until after Thanksgiving!), and then picking up the new season in January. They did it with “Dead Zone” too, though I never watch that.

I’d like to see a holiday episode of “Psych”. I’m liking that show a lot more than “Monk” lately.

Not exactly a new season - my mistake. From the futon criticADDITIONAL NOTES:
the show’s fifth season will be split into two halves - summer 2006 (eight episodes) and winter 2007 (seven episodes) plus a holiday special; renewed through its sixth season (2007-08 season) on 1/12/06

According to USA’s website (where you can see a short and hilarious clip of tonight’s episode) there is also a new episode on 22-December.

I, for one, am totally pumped about a new episode.

Yay! New Monk! January '07 was a little long to wait for my Monk fix. I’m off to the USA website to check out the trailer.