New Nintendo Switch in 2021?

Rumors are around that Nintendo is dropping a new Nintendo Switch that does 4K resolution and 1080p in handheld mode. More of an upgrade than a new system. I am guessing new games will run on both machines.


It feels a bit early for them to release a completely new system, like a PS4 to PS5 jump. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see something analogous to the 3DSXL - a refreshed system with some updated specs, but not breaking compatibility with the current hardware.

If they did something like releasing it alongside Breath of the Wild 2, where the game runs on any Switch but the new system gives better performance, then they’d probably sell a ton of them.

Truth is, if this lowers the original Switch down a bit in price, I’d probably buy one along with Breath of the Wild 2.

The ONLY thing that actually needs fixing is the drift.

This is a rumour that’s been around forever and never panned out. It’s probably just a minor hardware refresh to lower manufacturing costs. That happens all the time such as the v1 vs v2 Switch change that improved battery life.

This was my thought from the start. Multiple iterations with changes along the way but retaining the ability to play all the previous Switch software. Just like the DS platform.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see higher resolution etc. Some games could easily be sorted to run at higher resolution on the new Switch and lower on the old. The actual format of the machine is an absolute hit so very little need to make major changes. A bigger screen, faster processors, better battery, higher resolution, better controls…these can all be done to tempt exisitng and new owners whilst stil retaining backward compatiability.
I’ve no doubt this will happen and I suspect the Switch could have a 10+ year lifetime with sales that will outstrip the DS.

Is Nintendo done with exclusive handheld systems now that the Switch is filling that gap? Does the 3DS still get games and development or is it done now and Switch is all Nintendo focuses on?

I think we are at the point where the DS winds down gradually and I’m sure the focus is already on the Switch family (but nintendo won’t drop support for quite some time I’m sure)
Fact is though, the Switch-lite is already perilously close to the the DS price point so anyone thinking of a portable system purchase now will most likely buy a Switch. I haven’t seen graphs for system sales but I won’t be surprised to see an accelated sales drop-off for the 2ds/3ds around the time of the of the lite release