New or New-to-you Foods and Drinks That You're Digging Right Now

I’ve ben addicted to wasabi peas for years. But now they’ve turned them up to crack-like levels of addiction: Sriracha peas.

I’m hooked on Sumos, a hybrid between mandarin and California navel oranges. They’re incredibly sweet, seedless and they peel easily. They’re almost as fat as a sizable orange.

Unfortunately, they just went out of season and I have to wait until next year to taste them again. Boo!

After a recent, particularly nasty UTI, I’ve taken to having a small glass of cranberry juice per day as a preventative. I’m not a huge fan of cranberry juice, but when combined with sparkling water which dilutes it a bit and gives it a little fizz, it’s my new after-work cocktail.

Oh. Em. Gee.

After suffering with UHT milk in boxes for years I recently became aware locally produced FRESH cow’s milk is available in some groceries in some areas(probably targetting expats) one brand is even unhomogenized so it seperates!

I have been drinking so much ice cold milk its ridiculous.

Mon Dieu. Have you looked at the label? They have like 1,000 calories and 60% fat. Or 90%. Something hideously high. I can’t even walk by them in the grocery without gaining five pounds.

My latest obsession: wrap sandwiches. Spinach or sundried tomato tortillas, thin-slicked ham or turkey, lettuce (or spinach) and my Special Sauce.* Roll up, stick with toothpicks to hold together, eat with a big bowl of fruit.

*Sauce recipe

Plain yogurt
Handful of sunflower seeds
Chopped parsley
Shredded cheddar cheese
Salt, pepper, hot pepper, dried basil

I have eaten five or six of these things in the last couple weeks, plus foisted them upon my mostly receptive husband. YUMMERS.

I have not; if they are better than Wasabi, I’m sold.

It may sound odd, but I have only begun drinking martinis over the past six months. As in, actually ordering one when we go out. Now I look all sophisticated and shit.

Cocktail sausages in a cranberry, soy and sweet chilli glaze. I could eat them by the bakers dozen if I didn’t try and rein myself in. Probably my most requested recipe, even though Ive only recently started making them for family events.

Dr. Pepper. It’s always been around, but I never really drank it. And now I can’t stop drinking it.

Eek. Guess I’ll enjoy the last one in the freezer and then quit them. That sucks.

Fresh bananas in Nutella.

I’d always known about (and loved passionately) fresh strawberries in Nutella.

However, over the winter this past year, I was really craving some Nutella, so I was like - hmmm… frozen chocolate-covered bananas are good. Let’s try it! And oh, it was.

I also have recently discovered that slightly-overripe-strawberries can be cut up, drenched with sugar, and shaken violently so they go all gooey and make lovely super-sweet strawberry juice along with the strawberry bits.

And now it’s warm enough that I can pick fresh ones myself every week.

Hells yes. I’m up to three or four servings of fruit a day now. :smiley:

I hope you know it’s on the bitter side. Tasty when cooked right, but kinda bitter.

Speaking of Sriracha…

Huy Fong, the makers of the ubiquitous Rooster brand, have a Sambal Oelek that I’ve been digging. No idea if it’s traditional or anything, just a nice, bright dose of chili flavor. Not too hot, no garlic.

That glaze is great on meatballs, too.

Try it with brown sugar instead of white. (You don’t need to shake the strawberry mixture violently for the juices to be released, unless of course you really enjoy it.) If you’re really feeling decadent, add a splash of Grand Marnier or Cointreau or Triple Sec, or some other orange liqueur. This is called Strawberries Romanoff, designed to be served over ice cream (like it ever lasts that long). A nice variation is to stir in some sour cream along with the brown sugar.

I’ve been eating peas since who laid the knife, but never before this evening did I eat peas that spin in the microwave. It’s a package of ±4 little single serving pea packets. You zap them for 1 minute 15 seconds and towards the end, the packet inflates with steam, then a little vent opens and it starts whizzing like a top.

Incredibly, this is not yet viewable on YouTube.

Why did you wait until they’re out of season to tell me this? They sound perfect!

I’ve been enjoying MIO liquid water enhancers. There are lots of water flavorings out there, but this brand is particularly flavorful, calorie-free, and easy to use and adjust to taste.

Confessing to maceration on the internet is nothing new.

Chocolate covered espresso beans.