New or New-to-you Foods and Drinks That You're Digging Right Now

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who do this- I will find something new, and obsess on it and eat/drink it a lot, until I get sick of it and move on. Right now, it’s these things:

Peanut butter Cheerios. Oh god, love these. I love almost anything peanut butter, I love Cheerios- match made in heaven. These are so good, I don’t think that I will ever get sick of them. I eat a bowl at least twice a day, I crave them so. So good.

Cherry 7-Up (with antioxidants!) I had almost given up soda totally, when, dammit, I tried this. Love. Drink daily.

Faje Greek yogurt- the one with honey. I’ve tried other brands and flavors of Greek yogurt and did not care for them. But this one is a winner. I eat it every day, and it’s good for you because it has a lot of protein and it’s low in fat. Mmmm, it’s delicious.

So, let me know what you’re into right now and maybe I’ll get into it, too.

I go through weird phases where I can’t get enough FunDip then I don’t eat it for years.

70% dark chocolate with hickory-smoked bacon bits in it.


I bet I could get down with this. Do the healthful properties of the dark chocolate cancel out the dangers of the bacon?

Let me add one t mine- Marie Callendar’s chicken pot pies. I’ve been buying them in the 4-pack and having one a couple of days a week for lunch. Mmm. I know a lot of people make them from scratch, but why would you when these are so good, cheap, and easy?

The Jif to go packs that are peanut butter and chocolate silk. My husband dips Nutter Butter cookies in those little bowls and goes bezerk.

I have not seen those. I’m going to the store right now, so good timing! Mmm, peanut butter.

Oh god, please don’t anybody say “Kale chips!”

I bought a whole lamb Sunday. My stepson helped me with the butchering and we grilled and ate the sweetbreads and kidneys while we worked. Yesterday I grilled both front legs with lemon, olive oils, and oregano and we had them with pita bread, olives, and a big ass bottle of retsina. Tonight, there is a pot of broth made from scraps of meat and bones left over from the butchering simmering on the stove. While I’ve had lamb a few times before, this is the first time I had this quantity of it with which to indulge myself.

Discovered the Garden of Eatin’s Red Hot Blues tortilla chips last summer and am still getting them on a regular basis.

I also ate a ton of frozen grapes last summer. Now that’s it’s getting hot again, it’ll be time to start those up again. Perfect snack for hot summer days.

All life is 5 to 4 against. Eat for flavor.

Oh HELLZ yes…frozen grapes are IT. Hoping the “pretty lady” brand from Big Y comes through for me.

Trader Joe’s SPICY Soy & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips. I was aware of the regular chips and nom nom nom them while eating low-carb, but one day I made the trip out there and they had no regular just spicy. I was all “I can’t eat spicy stuff!” but I bought some anyway.

Turns out they’re not “spicy” they are “seasoned.” THEY ARE LOW CARB DORITOS!!!

Sierra Nevada Old Chico. As the reviewer’s buddy says, “I would drink eight of these.”

Blue Diamond Almonds BOLD - either “Wasabi and Soy Sauce” or “Jalapeno Smokehouse”. Or the “Lime and Chili”. I eat through a couple 6oz. cans a week, plus a few little bags.

I had no idea there was a Jalapeno Smokehouse flavor until just now. Have you had the Habanero BBQ flavor? It’s even better than the wasabi, and I LOVE the wasabi.

Chocolate almond butter. OMG. It’s perfect on a banana.

Those things are heavenly. Just don’t read the nutritional info label or you will feint. 32 grams of fat per serving AND each pie is supposedly 2 servings.
A couple days a week for lunch and I would be in big trouble.

I just bought a bunch of broccoli-rabe, which I have never tried, but have seen on Food Network a lot lately. I like all kinds of green vegetables, so I am hoping it is good.

I love these so effing much. The creamy chicken & mushroom one is my favorite. Not a huge fan of the change in box design… It makes the cook time shorter but they don’t turn out quite as well as they used to.

Just don’t look at the nutrition info on these. They’re insanely terrible for you.