New Osbournes episode tonight!

Come do the Happy hand Jive with me!
My favorite part of last week’s episode demonstrated that no matter how bizarre a character you are, you can still be a champion of commons sense:
Sharon is explaining to Ozzy that they must have an animal therapist because the dogs are spoiling the floors.
Ozzy replies (twice)
“Sharon, you don’t NEED an ANIMAL THERAPIST to stop the dogs from PISSING on the FLOOR.
You just need to WAKE UP at 7 (am)

Oh, is this going to turn into an Osbournes appreciation thread? :smiley:

The best line so far in the series, as far as I’m concerned, came when Ozzy caught yet another of the dogs pissing on the carpet. Screaming in true unintelligible Ozzy style, he declared that the culprit was a “fucking terrorist” and in cahoots with bin Laden. I wish I could remember the exact line – no matter how un-PC this was, it had me laughing for the next ten minutes.

Oh yeah – ::happy hand jives with sidle::

Oh god I love this show. I like watching them unpack and move into the house. Something about the way Sharon says “those motherfuckers” in that proper sort of british sound accent when she kept finding things broken just killed me.

Who is the blond woman that was running around? Is she some sort of housekepper/au pair or what? Or was she just there helping with the move?

Ooooh Ooooh! I want in too! Now, I am very anti-reality TV–Survivor, Fear Factor, blah blah blah CRAP!
Ozzy though? I can’t stop watching. How reassuring is it to see that even the rich and famous have SO’s who ignore them, kids who think they’re terribly passe, and pets that piss on the carpet?

And RaCha’ar, I do believe what he said (mumbled) last time was that the dog was “part of Bin Laden’s gang”. HeeHee

My favorite though, was
“I’m not picking up another fucking turd. I’m a rock star.”

I about wet myself when he said it.

And him coming across the “new” cat, and hearing his wife’s “I’m not bringing home another animal!” echoing in his ears…
Ahhh–such is life. Good stuff.

And Mermaid–I think you mean the dog trainer–The one Ozzy said was a “fuckin’ fruit (or maybe flake?)” ?


Good to know I’m not the only one who watches. Not that I thought I was, but it’s nice to hear other people say it.

The blonde woman is the nanny. How do I know? She was on an episode of Who Knows the Band.

I watch too much tv.

Love it.
Last night’s had a great line.
Sharon, who seems odder each time I watch, looks at Ozzy, and says, “Isn’t he gorgeous?”
And he goes, “Shut the fuck up, will you”

So who’s going to be voted out of the family this week?


Is this just another add-on for the Sims?

How about the Osbourne kids listening to the radio interview in the car and skeeving out when their parents start talking about Viagra?
That amused and fascinated me.
Apparently, no matter HOW liberal you are, WHAT type of home you’ve been raised in, WHO Daddy is, etc, etc., NODAMNBODY
wants to hear about their Mom and Dad having sex.
It’s like the Great Equalizer!

Good God. I love this show!!!
Ozzy, shuffling around the kitchen looking for just ONE lined garbage bag.

We’ve got to start taping this show…Ozzy’s expression when he realized the camera caught him talking about getting a pig’s head to leave on their neighbor’s door was PRICELESS!

It’s the only show on TV that actually makes me laugh out loud.

I love this show so much. I pretty much laugh throughout the whole show. Yes, even commercials, because I’m thinking about what I’ve just seen.

The Television without Pity forums are quite extensive on this show.

Ozzy has great camera presence.
I liked how he slept and snored thru the whole loud neighbor music incidents.
Also loved Sharon’s explaining the ham she was throwing was someones ass(?)

Yes, watching Ozzy try to figure out how to replace the garbage bag after he’d taken out the trash was priceless!
Last night was the funniest one yet. I was HOWLING.
Anyone care to explain how throwing food in the neighbors’ yard is effective retaliation for loud music, though?

Sidle - I didn’t think he was so much trying to figure out how to replace the trashbag as much as trying to remember which one he had just emptied and needed to put a bag back into.

I laughed my ass off at last nights show. Even the preview for next weeks episode had me laughing when ozzy was at the stadium where he will perform and commented about how he is “the prince of darkness and there are damn bubbles flying around!” or something like that. it was so funny.

The scary thing is that Ozzy may just turn out to be the sane one in the family. :eek:
Should this thread be moved to cafe society?

Man, I love this show!

Did anyone catch the irony in Sharon yelling at her neighbors, saying “Blah, blah, blah…You spoiled rich kid! Living off daddy’s money are you” Wah-wah-wah. :wink:

Twas funny as hell tho when the son started blasting Sabbath out his window at the neighbors. LOL!

yes, he was saying I’m the fing prince of darkness! Whats with the fin bubbles?!
I hope they renew this show.
Even my son watches (its a good influence)

I love this show. It is the only reality tv show that is worth having come back year after year.

“No Ozzy, not wood…”

Here’s another reason to like Ozzy. This is from.the New York Post’s Page Six column:

OZZY Osbourne has bitten the head off a bat, defecated in a woman’s handbag and snorted a line of ants off the ground - but the rocker was utterly disgusted at the idea of meeting Russell Yates, the husband of convicted child-killer Andrea Yates. While shadowing Osbourne for an upcoming story in Blender magazine, writer Adrian Deevoy accompanied him to a “Today” show taping, where Deevoy met Yates in the green room. Yates yammered about what a big Osbourne fan he was, sang several Black Sabbath songs, and talked excitedly about getting a picture with the rocker. But when Osbourne and wife Sharon were told that Yates wanted a photo, they were repulsed. “I will burn his eyes out with a hot poker,” Ozzy bellowed. “He is profiting directly from the demise of his own children. And that, to me, is wrong.” After being warned that Yates was waiting for him in the green room, the Osbournes and Deevoy ducked out the door.