New Rescue Cat (with obligatory picture)

This morning we welcomed our latest cat into the fold - Granny Esmerelda Weatherwax, or Esme, as she is already coming to be called:

We’re not sure how old she is - all we know is she used to belong to someone’s mother, who passed her onto the son when she could not take care of her, and he passed her off to someone else as a barn cat a few months ago, which she assuredly is not. At the moment she is a big rangy bag of bones with a fur deficiency due to stress and malnutrition, but a sweet disposition (she was sitting on our laps purring within a couple hours) and a bony, malevolent face. She has all her shots and is fixed, at least. The other cats don’t seem terribly upset, only slightly miffed.

So, three hours into her new residence she has eaten an enormous amount of food, checked out the cat boxes, explored a bit, and is currently asleep on the sofa. We got a “before” picture - hope to get a good “after” shot before too long when she no longer has a rat tail.

Are you sure that’s a cat? I think it’s a possum in a mask…

That is a rat tail, isn’t it? Poor kitty, she’s probably a bit embarrassed about it.

Esme’s a great name for her. She’s gorgeous (discounting the tail). :slight_smile:

She’ll fill out before you know it - we thought Stokie was just an ugly fox-faced cat, but it turns out he was just starving. Now he’s a glossy, plump little gentleman.

She’s got tons of character already, and although you can’t tell in the picture, she has one of those bony knobbly Siamese faces with a long chin. Pretty she ain’t, but when her fur grows back in she will probably be handsome in an intimidating sort of way. And biiig - she’s one of the longest cats I’ve ever seen. Even scrawny and very undernourished she probably weighs a good 12-13 lbs.

:smiley: I thought the same thing

You can tell by the picture she’s already “up to no good.” She looks like the kind of cat who is already plotting to take over the house from, not only the other cats but the rest of the family as well. I’d keep an eye on your credit card numbers :slight_smile:

Oh she looks a mess right now, but with some good care and food and love I bet she’ll be a much more attractive kitty with a healthy coat and all.

Yes, from the look of her she should have been named after the Death of Rats. (Actually, that would be a good name for a mousing cat). But I’m sure she’ll grow into a [del]stubborn headologist witch[/del] beautiful runway model kitty.

She looks like Basement Cat. Watch your soul.


Or one of Basement Cat’s minions.

Make sure you do post the after pics please, even if a few months elapse. She is lucky to have been found by you.

any idea how the tail got to be like that?

Frankly, I imagine that ANY change in her appearance is going to be for the better. I mean, I’m sure she’s a sweet girl and all, but as she looks now, she’s not going to win Best In Show.

However, if she’s got personality and a name to live up to, I’m sure that she’ll be a wonderful pet. And maybe it’s my imagination, but cats that are adopted as adults seem to appreciate being adopted more than kittens do. Almost every kitten is adorable, and if a kitten is used to humans at all, is used to having a fuss made over it. Adult cats…well, they know that the world can be a cruel place, with unfriendly and downright unkind humans.

Looks more like Greebo to me.

I ran that through Babblefish and Tod der ratten has a nice ring to it.

Bless you, Mrs. Cake. :slight_smile:

I have one that came to us like that - now, she weights about 8 lbs, but when we got her, she weighed maybe half that, fully grown. She’s petite, but really long, like a ferret, and has the pointy siamese face. She’s was really funny looking when she was skinny, but really turned into the prettiest little thing once she filled out.

Congratulations, I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful pet! She has a look to her that makes me think she’s going to rule you, and all the other cats, once she makes herself at home.

Esme braved the stairs and is now sitting in the office with Milo, Mrs. Peel, and Pearl, who seem to have gotten used to her really fast. She is cleaned up and with her tail tucked away is starting to look like a cat. The fur loss isn’t parasite related - stress and malnutrition is the best guess. She has several other thin and missing patches, but hopefully in a few months it will all grow into a very dark smokey grey. We’ll keep a photo record of her improvement.

Oh, great, and take the pics out at parties and pass them around and embarrass her. Then she’ll start opening the bathroom door on folks or something. :rolleyes: