New Secret Diaries are Up!!!

Cassandra Claire is now updating her Secret Diaries journal again, as she promised she would do with the release of “The Two Towers.”



Can’t wait for her to get Legolas’s done!

Sweet mother of pearl!

dashes off to read

What is that about, pray tell?

Ah, Hastur. Have you missed out on the original Secret Diaries?


Still not King yet!


Funny stuff

I wanted a t-shirt with that on it so bad, but by the time I stumbled across the diaries, I guess they had already gotten in trouble with whoever holds the LOTR copywrite.

Unfortunaly, I can’t read the new ones until someone posts them on something other than livejournal. For some reason, the powers that be have blocked that site.

Oh cool. I think these are pretty funny, and I’m all for running jokes, but the main thought I came away with after the first set was, “How many identical homosexuality jokes can a person take?”

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Arden Ranger for e-mailing me the latest diaries. Although getting an e-mail from (your first name) with a subject of “Very Secret Diaries” almost gets you put into the porn bin…:slight_smile: Thank you very much though.

Heh. Oops.

Geez, what are you, clicking ‘refresh’ minute to minute? :wink:

How come I can’t access the old secret diaries anymore? Neither can anyone here at work. Did the site get axed?

I’m not sure. I’ve e-mailed her asking if I can set up a mirror site at Teemings as an adjunct to the “What is LOTR had been written by someone else” section. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s working for me right now…

You can also go to the livejournal link in the OP and simply go back to the older posts; that is where they were originally anyway…