New show "Bones"

Anybody see this that liked it?
I found it such a disappointment.
I was hoping for somebody who could solve crimes.
Instead, the lead is a nerd (and unbelieveable judo expert) who is simply handed all the evidence, guesses who’s bones she’s looking at. Guesses the perp is the ones everyone’s already guessed in the tabloids, and tries to pin it on him. Is this how we want the police to operate?
Then, when that’s wrong, she just guesses the next guy to pin it on.
No searching for suspects and clues, the answer is just handed to her.

Apparently the only thing they took from the books was the word Bones.

I thought there should be one, but I can’t find any way to search for things.

There’s a narrow dark blue bar across the top of the screen, listing the options, including Search.

If you don’t see the bar, I’m thinking maybe the Search option isn’t available to Guests. ??